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Bespoke, Affordable Modular and Container Homes in Jordan

Explore our range of Container Homes and modular buildings in Jordan. Our new state-of-the-art  prefab caravan and container homes and other container inventory are built for every possible use and affordable budget. Classrooms, offices, shops, drying rooms, canteens, meeting rooms, hotels, etc., meeting the needs of a wide variety of market sectors. We build modular container buildings for.

A big advantage of purchasing a prefab caravan and portable container house in Jordan is that it takes much less time than building a traditional brick structure. Less time is spent preparing your new container home and building, which means less economical resources are used, reducing the amount of harmful emissions released by any machinery on site.

Europe's largest production facility at 31 thousand square meters: Thanks to our own Europe and Turkey's largest production facilities, we can guarantee the highest product quality, a wide variety of products and constant availability. We sell  prefab caravan and container houses of the highest quality and at the most affordable price in Jordan.

Our container houses for every need in Jordan

Are you looking for a flexible solution for your space requirements? We have the right portable cabins and container houses for you! With our portable cabin, sanitary cabins and  prefab caravan and storage containers in Jordan, we create the perfect individual space solution to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a single portable cabin or an entire modular building - to buy at an affordable price. We have been your expert in portable cabins and container houses and mobile modular building solutions for more than 36 years!

If you are looking for a suitable space solution for construction site accommodation, office expansion, sales room or much more in Jordan - we have it! For over 36 years, our portable cabins and container homes have provided you with the perfect space solution in every industry: construction, industry, trade, commerce, the municipal sector and events or emergency and disaster relief missions.

If you need office or container home space in Jordan for construction or other reasons in a constantly changing site, building a permanent building makes little sense. The environmental impact does not deserve the use it will get, not to mention the cost of constructing a building. With this in mind, a portable container is a much more environmentally friendly choice than a modular building. When you need to move your office space on-site to a new location, the portable container office can be easily retrieved and reused at the next location as needed.

Container Houses: The perfect solution for every industry in Jordan

Installation in Jordan is a big part of Karmod Container's great service, transporting your expertly designed portable container homes and modular building to any location in Jordan and installing them ready-to-use, in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Our prefab caravan and Container homes anywhere in Jordan From simple truck mounted crane deliveries to foundations, services and service connections, landscaping and required permits, Karmod Container has extensive experience in handling every aspect of the building installation process.

Discover Karmod's many completed container projects in Jordan: modular building solutions from small to large, both temporary and permanent. Be your own inspiration.

You can also see some examples of recent projects we have completed on our website. Get a quote for all our new portable container buildings. Contact the office for information.

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