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Luxury container houses for sale in Lebanon

We are a prefab Container house company in Lebanon and we manufacture modern, avant-garde and high-end social housing. Karmod is a leading Turkish company in the modular and luxury detached prefabricated steel houses sector. We build our prefabricated steel houses all over the world in 132 countries and we have developed large projects in Qatar, Dubai, Iraq and Kuwait.

Karmod has built an excellent reputation for providing affordable and reliable portable accommodation and storage in the UAE, Lebanon and the MENA region. As a leader in the manufacture of Prefab Cabins, Container House, Prefab modular buildings and Light Steel Structures, we empower our dedicated team of workers to deliver high quality portable cabins on time and within budget.

Karmod Container houses are traditional style of cost effective portable cabin with Plastisol outer casing in Lebanon; They also require very little maintenance. We offer different types of modular container houses depending on your requirements. Our Portable Cabinets are well suited for use on construction sites, schools or as kiosks for events and exhibitions. Container houses and portable cabins can be configured to have AC and fire safety features.

Container Homes That You Can Buy Right Now!

Karmod offers its customers a wide range of prefabricated modular single or double storey perfect houses in Lebanon. Your prefabricated container house will come with all electrical installation, plumbing, paint, doors and windows included. The main advantages of prefabricated houses are; custom manufacturing, modern structures and designs, long life, high quality materials, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Explore Karmod's collection of aesthetic prefabricated container houses, including Container House prices and models in Lebanon.

Five fantastic styles of premium modular container houses: Mediterranean warmth, hi-tech, Oriental minimalism, Lebanese elegance and Scandinavian purity.

Build your family's legacy with Container houses

Our innovative modular Container construction allows you to expand the home with the family. Expand with additional boxes when your grandchildren grow up.

It wasn't built in a day in Lebanon but your house could do it.

We revolutionized the Lebanese home while retaining its character while transforming the prefab container Building system. Take advantage of the high speed of prefabricated container construction without sacrificing its appearance.

Container house in Lebanon - Get the best insulation.

Container house exterior cladding Stone veneer and red roof tiles offer the highest possible insulation insulation and allow you to control your temperature with high energy savings and are very affordable and economical, call now and get a price

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