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Karmod, the leading company in container housing production in Egypt, started producing galvanized steel container housing living spaces, shops and restaurants in order to introduce the residents of the overcrowded capital Cairo to cheaper and more versatile properties.

Established by Karmod Container Building, the 36-year-old company is building many container houses, harvest houses and schools for the people of Egypt after testing its technical and insulation methods according to the air temperature.

Container houses produced by Karmod Many people in Egypt think that they will live in container houses. Because the portable container houses we produce are very highly insulated. Even if the weather is very hot in Egypt, Containers are energetic houses as they are equipped with insulation designed by keeping the temperature inside at 20 degrees Celsius, with high insulation on the roof and ceilings.

Egypt's Most Impressive Social Housing Project

He predicted that the shipping technology would work well, as the container homes we manufacture are fast and mobile, and labor and material costs are cheaper in Egypt than in Europe. Container dwellings In Cairo and Egypt a worker lives in an old steel container house that can later be used as a living space, store or restaurant. Prefab container homes are not widely used in Egypt, where construction is done using traditional brick-and-mortar on-site, these materials have become increasingly costly since the country's currency fluctuated in December. Given the relatively low cost of construction, Karmod said they hope to work on a solution to Egypt's crisis with unofficial container housing production.

Successful affordable Container housing in Egypt

North african country of egypt The country of over 92 million inhabitants is struggling to build enough Container homes to last the poorest in society, where many Egyptians live in sprawling slums and unlicensed apartments. There are 550 shanty houses in Egypt that are considered structurally unsafe, most of them in Cairo. About 900,000 people are believed to live in these dangerous neighborhoods, some of which lack basic amenities. “Poor Egyptian people who need a place to sleep are building these unhealthy slums and they are not engineers, usually these places are not safe. In the near future, we will produce prefabricated houses and dwellings made of containers that are safe, colorful, fast and cheap for Egyptian people. We will try to solve the housing crisis.

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