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Container Libya

Container Libya, one of the modular building systems products, are demounted container structures suitable for different usage purposes. They are produced in a short time in the factory environment without wasting raw materials and at low cost. They are very easy to install thanks to their demountable structure. Libya Container structures produced with Karmod new generation container technology are installed in just four steps. They can be designed and produced for many different areas according to demand and need. With their dozens of features and advantages, Libya containers structures that are spacious, durable and offer safe use for many years are also very economical with their prices.

Some of the usage areas of living Libya containers are as follows:

Accomodation camps containers for sale for Libya can be used as summer house, winter house, vineyard and upland container house libya or for the land you want to use. For more luxurious living spaces, living container structures can also be used in villa design and production. Container villa structures can be produced in the desired size, in the desired room and in different features, in accordance with the request and need.

Exports Of Living Containers Are Loaded To Libya Market

Accomodation camps containers for sale for Libya and Other usage areas of Libya containers are construction sector. In long-term construction container libya projects, accommodation areas of technical personnel and workers are needed. These structures must be suitable for all-season conditions, earthquake-resistant, fire-proof, and have high heat and sound insulation. In addition to these, they should be designed and produced in a very short time in the most appropriate way. Construction container structures offer the most suitable solution for construction project needs. They can serve as container dormitories, dining halls, management offices, working offices, WC and shower Container structures.

Living Containers Features

  • They have a mobile structure. They can be easily transported and shipped. They are structures that can be easily transferred to other areas when their service period ends in the area of ​​use.
  • They are the most suitable choice for emergencies. Libya containers can be produced in a very short time and delivered to the required area immediately.
  • There may be hundreds of different container types and container sizes depending on the purpose of use. You can choose one of hundreds of Karmod container structures specially designed for you in accordance with every area and need.
  • Flat pack container Libya can be produced as single-storey or as multi-storey and combined structures depending on the needs and demands.
  • Apart from short-term use, they also offer safe use for many years with their durable libya container structures, earthquake-resistant properties, and non-flammable materials used in their structure against fire.
  • They can be shipped as assembled or packaged by crane.
  • Thanks to their wall coverings and suitable thickness, they have excellent insulating properties.
  • Different designs can be made upon request. It is possible that they can be designed and produced in more aesthetic structures depending on their environment.

Karmod Products Were Used In Construction Camps For Libya

Karmod has successfully produced 130 living containers for the Libyan market. These will be mainly used by construction site companies.

Our company, which is one of the pioneers of the sector with its prefabricated and container worker construction projects carried out worldwide, has completed the port loading of 130 construction site containers it has produced for Libya. Libya construction site containers of Karmod, which will be used in construction projects, were produced in a special plan in 3×9 mt size. Fully produced construction site containers have two room sections, wc and shower. You can visit our website for container homes for sale for libya, flat pack containers, living containers that can be used for many different purposes. You can contact us for more information.

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