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Containers are modular structures that can be used anywhere in the world and are suitable for all seasons. You will never regret when you choose the products of Karmod, which has been operating in the field of prefab technologies for 35 years. Until now, Karmod products have been used in more than 130 countries from container Lithuania to container africa. Our product groups: prefabricated buildings, container buildings, modular cabins, steel houses. Usage areas are too many to count.

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Modular buildings can now be preferred in all areas of our lives. Modular products can be manufactured for work areas, living spaces, all kinds of areas and sectors. Waste of raw materials is much less in factory manufactured products. The structures produced in this way cause less damage to the environment. Maintenance costs are much lower than traditional structures. As technology develops, production times are shortened day by day thanks to the developing production systems.

One of the advantages of being modular is that they are portable. This is a very important feature for temporary building needs. At the end of the project, when the period of use expires or when there is a change in the worksite, it can be easily moved. You can store it in a warehouse for as long as you want and reuse it whenever you need it.

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We deliver our containers all over the world. We are improving ourselves day by day due to the principle of always being innovative and following the technology closely. As Karmod family, we have expert and experienced teams in their field. For container in Lithuania, you can contact us at any time from our e-mail address or phone numbers.

We have developed a new generation container technology with our expert R&D teams. We evaluated every feedback we received from our customers and took our product quality one step further. New generation containers designed by Karmod can be installed in just 4 steps. Karmod’s containers provide convenience to you in large construction projects, offices, mass housing, refugee camps and in different living areas, dining halls, dormitories, WC / shower units and in any area you request, with the privileges of fast production and easy installation. Our products, which stand out with their economical prices, are suitable for every budget. You do not have to spend unnecessarily large budgets for quality, durable and long-lasting structures!

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All of our products have suitable structural features for all seasonal conditions. We produce our containers in accordance with the requested climatic zones. At the same time, our containers and all other products can be used safely in earthquake zones. We can produce containers of any size up to 12 meters.

We use specially shaped filling panels on the walls of our containers that we produce container Lithuania and all over the world. Thanks to these panels, we minimize your energy costs. At the same time, our products can be used in all seasons. Wall thickness is 5 cm, roof thickness is 11 cm. We increase the durability to the maximum level by using bottom and top sheets in all of the roof and wall panels of our containers. It is produced with an unwelded system. Thanks to this system, their installation is both easy and completed in a very short time. Their easy installation also makes them easy to move to other regions. All doors and windows are PVC coated. You can order from all sectors for container in Lithuania.

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The usage area of the containers is very wide. For the construction of a pandemic hospital, containers that can be produced and assembled in a very short time will be the best option. If you need a promotional office, you can choose economical and fast-produced containers instead of spending extra money and time with reinforced concrete structures. It is possible to build clean and environmentally friendly buildings with containers for all living spaces from the dining hall to the dormitory. Contact immediately for detailed information.

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