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Container office buildings

Karmod Container Box range consists of modular container office buildings that are as strong and secure as the standard office container buildings, but remain at heavily discounted prices.
Karmod ‘s ground level portable container office building are tough, secure, affordable, and relocatable on-site space solution, When your construction project or industrial site needs convenient, quick access to ground-level office space and 36 years experience, 130 countries and more than 5 million square meters production. We offer turnkey solutions with latest technology.

Container buildings for commercial and public works projects

Containers are among the most preferred modular container office structures of recent years. The fact that they can be produced in very short periods of time, they can be easily moved when necessary, and they are economical, these factors also increase the demand for these structures. Karmod, which delivers its buildings all over the world and is one of the leading companies in container technology, has cost-effective and superior quality container office buildings for your company’s needs. If you wish, you can choose one of our containers in dozens of sizes and models, or you can order a custom size container for your project. An affordable container office building is the best solution for economic, quality and building needs that can be produced in a short time.

Useful and portable containers can be used for many different areas. For example, container office buildings can be preferred for a school building in rural areas. Relocatable classrooms, which can be preferred for education buildings in refugee camps or in public housing built for different reasons, provide many advantages. While they are ideal for low-budget projects, they can be used for very long periods with their durability. Mobile container offices will be a very useful choice for administrative offices. However, these structures can also be preferred for public spaces. Containers with special dimensions can be designed for areas such as city services and libraries, and building needs can be met in a very short time.

Container Office & Workspaces ideas

Supplier of modular container office buildings Karmod’s products are very different from their counterparts. First of all, we take care to use materials that are approved and certified in each of our structures. While producing our mobile container offices and all other products, we proceed in a controlled manner from design to the last stage of production. From our R&D teams to our control teams, all our units consist of expert and experienced personnel. As Karmod family, we design and manufacture each building with care as our own building needs. Wherever you are in the World, with our after-sales professional teams, we are working hard to provide a solution to any possible problem as soon as possible.

Full Mobile Office Container and Portable Offices

Business areas are those that affect the quality of the work done. For this reason, these areas should be comfortable, useful and durable. In-plant container office buildings provide you convenience in many ways. One of the most convenient issues is their low cost. The fact that they are produced in a factory environment is a major factor in the low cost of these structures compared to traditional structures. Since low-cost structures reach much lower prices for the user, the preference rate increases.

Of course, being economical is not the only criterion for choosing a product. Structures with low quality, that can decompose in a very short time and can be damaged easily are not preferred, although they are economical. As Karmod, we bring together high quality and economy in our products. We offer the most suitable container office buildings for you at the most economical prices.

Office Space Buildings Made With Container Storage

One of the most important features of our products is that they have great advantages in terms of ecology. Today, the ecological balance is under great threat and every individual living must do its part. Especially in large projects that will have a great impact on the environment, environmentally friendly structures should be preferred. Karmod products are designed and produced in a way that minimizes the damage to the environment. Many of our products are highly recyclable. With our container office buildings, it is not a dream to have both eco-friendly and budget-friendly structures.

Choose modular structures in your projects and all kinds of building needs. Benefit from the advantages of manufacturing in a factory environment. Choose Karmod container office building products, which are preferred all over the world, and have work and living spaces that you can use in all conditions for many years.

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