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Karmod's innovative container architecture for Europe allows not only the construction of representative detached and duplex container homes, but also the construction of functional buildings as modern timber-clad container homes made of glass.

Karmod containers are designed to withstand very harsh European weather conditions, harsh climatic conditions and high winds. Their structural stability makes these types of container homes earthquake and hurricane resistant, making them extremely safe for areas prone to natural disasters.

We have over 36 years of experience in designing and building prefab container homes. We have built prefabricated container homes for thousands of customers in 132 countries and implemented hundreds of projects.

Custom Container House Cost - Direct Factory Price

in any country in the europe Whether you are just getting started or halfway through construction, talking to us will save you time, money, frustration and speed up your project. Choose the "European model container homes" structure that best suits your needs. Or set the custom model with the desired options/skins. Decide on the number of "Tiny container Europe" modules and therefore the surface area you want to have. We offer you all kinds of solutions with our mobile Tiny container modular modules.

Versatile: Europe's Custom Container Homes

Karmod container houses are so insulated, airtight, well insulated and energy efficient that our containers can produce as much renewable energy as they consume for a year, leaving the occupants with low energy bills and a carbon-free home.

Karmod container houses, preferred by European countries, are designed to use natural materials as much as possible during the construction process. Containers are environmentally friendly as they are produced from Galvanized metal and converted into modern container houses. They can withstand almost all extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes and catastrophic earthquakes. Safely moored containers are wind resistant up to 120 kilometers per hour. Refugees living in Europe can take shelter and also use our container homes during a disaster earthquake. So far, we make the safest container shelters.

The growing popularity of European Containers homes is due to the high speed of their installation, mobility and affordability. In terms of functionality, such structures do not differ from static structures. One of the most suitable options for the implementation of projects for the construction of modular container buildings is a house made of containers.

Container Homes Sent to Europe

Such houses stand out with their bright and catchy designs. In the process of re-equipping the container, work is carried out on the installation of windows and doors, insulation of buildings, installation of electrical wiring, heat and water supply, interior decoration of walls and ceilings. The specialist of Europe's Container homes solutions company will quickly transform the Karmod container into a change home, garden house, shop or any other structure.

A home made of Karmod container is resistant to animals or insects due to its thick floor and strong metal walls and roof. Tiny fully equipped modular portable container living spaces, cost-effective and sustainable materials and a modern construction process. Reduce the ecological impact of construction processes. Energy efficient design and features, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and construction methods. Wood-based container building systems in Europe are a completely revolutionary solution.

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