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Have you ever heard of modular container Crprus ? These structures, as their names suggest, are products made up of modules. They are designed in modules and produced that way. Unlike traditional construction methods, they are built in a factory environment, not on site. In fact, the phrase “to be built” is not considered suitable for these structures. Because these structures are “manufactured”. Individually produced modules are packaged in international standards and sent to the region where delivery is desired. These modules are assembled by the manufacturer team. Cyprus containers, is one of the ideal areas for modular structures such as container or modular buildings. For your needs such as Cyprus containers or Container homes Cyprus, you can choose Karmod that has proven itself by carrying its products and quality all over the world. Karmod container products are both highly recyclable and produced in environmentally friendly production systems. Thanks to expert architects and engineers, the waste of raw materials is very low.

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Traditional Cyprus containers, building types such as reinforced concrete are insufficient in many respects in the age we live in. The disadvantages are that they cause a lot of environmental pollution both during the construction process and during the usage process, the construction periods are too long, the work accidents at the construction sites and the waste of raw materials. In addition to these, they are very costly.

The development of technology and these disadvantages have led to the initiation of an alternative development studies against traditional structures. Modular container buildings are the best alternative to reinforced concrete structures with their economical prices, short production times and environmentally friendly structures. You can own your dream summer house with Container homes Cyprus for your land in Cyprus. Light steel structure houses are very suitable even for 1st degree earthquake zones. They are highly insulated houses. As Karmod family, we are proud to produce your dream house.

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are one of the most preferred structures among modular structures. Containers can be used in many areas. Construction sites are among the main areas of use. Buildings that are preferred as accommodation units in worker camps in remote areas are economically very advantageous. Thanks to being portable, they adapt to the construction site environment and can be easily moved to a different place when desired.

As Karmod, we produce our products in accordance with the climate structure of the region we will deliver, and thus we ensure that you have structures that can be used in all seasons. Construction site environments are very difficult places. Construction periods may take longer and climatic conditions can change at once. Therefore, it is very important that the structures to be used in construction sites are useful and durable. Karmod containers have each of these features.

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Karmod is a Turkey based container homes technologies company established in 1986. With the experience of being in the sector for many years and our principle of being always innovative, we renew our work and ourselves every day. Our teams consist of architects and engineers who are always open to innovation and are experts and experienced in their fields. We are working to produce the best quality for you at the most affordable price and in the shortest time. There are every sector among our fields of work, from education to health. So far, we have delivered our products to more than 130 countries around the world. We can deliver any structure you want to any desired region, from Cyprus container homes.

If you are looking for Container Homes Cyprus or Cyprus containers, the best option for you will be environmentally friendly, economical, useful, guaranteed and durable Karmod products.

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