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Demountable Container

Modular demountable containers can be transported, setup and moved with ease! Virtually eliminating high transportation costs. Portable and modular demountable container buildings are life-saving in the age we live in. Because speed in everyting has a big importance. For example when we place an order, we want to get it in a short time. Being a quality is not being enough all the time by oneself. This also applies to building needs. Sometimes there may be a building need for a very short period of time. Also, there may be an urgent construction need. Modular container buildings are preferred for this kind of situtations. They can be designed and installed in a very short time. Because they are portable, you can easily change their location, you can use them in more than one project. You can store them to use another region etc. Demountable container is one of the most preferred modular buildings.

Demountable and stackable multi purpose containers

Demountable containers are pre-production. Their design is made at computer environment and they are produced in a factory. In such production, the waste of raw materials and the error rate are much less. The other advantage of this production way is production time. All productions can be produced in a shorter time than the traditional building methods. For example if you want to have a house with traditional construction methods, you have to wait for months, maybe a year. But if you prefer modular building methods, you can have a house in only weeks.

Karmod modular demountable container products are made with new demountable technology. Our demountable container products are produced as demounted and they are assembled at the installation site. Living container house products provide ease for the people who want to have a house with affordable prices.

Demountable transporter for containers – Sustainable and eco-friendly

As Karmod, we try to be innovative since our foundation. We follow the innovations in our sector and in technology. Then we try to improve ourselves. With our new generation container technology, we can install your demountable container in onyl 4 steps.  Also via our professional after sales team, we’re always with you in every problem.

Demountable & Collapsible Container Home Office for sale

Our demountable containers that can be produced in very short time and be installed in only four steps have unique features.

  • Our demountable containers are leakproof. They can be used at every season and every climate conditions.
  • Our demountable containers help you save energy. In this way, your energy costs reduce.
  • We use automotive technology in the paint of our products. Thus, our products preserve its first day look and maintenance costs are very low compared to others.
  • We use A1 Class fireproof materials.
  • Each of our products is earthquake and fire resistant.
  • We can design and manufacture the product at any size you want.

Modular Camp Containers, Demountable Container Camps

As a company that have more than 36 years experience, we work with so many companies from different sectors and countries. Now, Karmod products are being used at more than 130 countries in the world. Our Demountable container offices are used for different purposes. You can use the for management, work etc. Commercial demountable container buildings are very useful and economic for urgent building needs. Also our accommmodation container product is one of the most used productions in worker camps. We can design and produce container dormitories, dining halls, work offices, mobile container toiletsmobile container toilet and showers, accommodation units and all you need. Our container houses are being preferred by the people who have an affordable summer house. We can produce a demountable container houses in one day. You can look at our products and projects on our web site in detail. You can contact Karmod for every building need.

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