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Karmod portable steel demountable containers are heavy-duty transportable watertight and galvanized for life and High quality demountable container house with competitive price. European designed and engineered. Demountable or sometimes called flat pack containers are manufactured according to international land, sea and rail transportation and shipping standards. Demountable Container– Are you a small business start-up? Planning on building an office in a remote area with limited space and access? Aside from offices, demountable containers are suitable for worker’s acoomodation (dormitories, canteens, sanitary units). Individual modules to modular demountable container manufacturers.
Demountable Containers, which are primarily used in the transportation sector to transport loads more easily and have dozens of advantages such as ease of transport, ease of transportation and affordable cost, are now used in every field. From single-storey vineyards, chalets and summer houses to modern luxury container villas; from chemical waste storage to sales offices and kiosks; from field hospitals to emergency units and polyclinics; from schools to communal living areas and camps in the field of education; In construction projects, it is now quite possible to come across containers that are products of modular living spaces in dozens of areas, from dining halls, dormitories, WC-shower units to public areas in social facilities.

Demountable Container buildings You Can Order Right Now

Demountable Container structures are very advantageous with all their features. They have an earthquake resistant structure. They have a highly protected structure against fire with the fireproof grade materials used in their production. In terms of suitability for the purpose of use, they are definitely not like a reinforced concrete structure. However, you do not have to wait for construction time for very long processes like in reinforced concrete structures. From the moment you order, you can easily reach your container house, container villa, living areas for your construction site or whatever area you prefer. Their shipments are very easy. It can be done with a crane. These containers, which are extremely suitable for use in all areas, can be in the form of demountable containers or they can be completely assembled.

What is a demountable/flat pack portable container and how is it different from other container types? Demountable containerbuilding system, unlike the containers that are delivered with completed assembly, are shipped to the area where they will be used as disassembled after they are produced in the factory. This provides a huge advantage. Normally, 2 containers, which can be transported with a single truck, can be transported in much more quantities when transported as demounted containers. This provides ease of transportation and saves costs by shipping more products at once.

As Karmod, as a manufacturer that sends our demountable containers and other products to all over the world, we are among the most preferred companies in the world with our product groups with a wide range of uses. It is very possible to come across Karmod products in every corner of the world. We are proud to be a company known all over the world with its high quality and high customer satisfaction. In our demountable container building system we use the most advanced technologies. Made of steel sheets and thermal-insulating material (polyurethane foam, mineral wool, IPN, etc) are used in our demountable containers.

Incredible Demountable Containers Around the World

With Karmod new generation container system, flat pack portable container homes and demountable container buildings, which are produced and shipped in disassembled form, are installed in just four steps and are made ready for use by Karmod expert teams and delivered safely.

  1. First, the container bottom chassis is placed on a flat ground.
  2. Corner and middle support pillars are screwed and placed on the upper chassis.
  3. Subsequently, windows and doors are installed along with the wall panels.
  4. Finally, your unassembled container product is now ready for use on a turnkey basis.

Our flat pack portable container products can be used for many purposes such as: office containers for construction sites, housing single container or container housing settlements, kindergartens, schools, summer houses, labor camps etc. Demountable container buildingscan be used for also installation in remote locations, storage and warehouse container, public toilet facilities, as ambulatory containers, permanent facilities clinics, health centers, kitchen containers for construction sites, mobile containers for restaurants, fast food, bars, etc. Our containers are produced with many plans and models. However, different sizing and modeling can be made according to customer request.

Compared to standard containers, demountable containers offer up to 4 times less shipping space and then lower shipping costs.

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