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Emergency Shelter

Learning about Portable emergency Shelters for disaster is a very essential matter. Portable emergency shelters that can be used as Disaster Relief Shelters for earthquake relife, hurricane relief, and flood relief. When disaster strikes, there’s no time to wait for the delivery of large, bulky portable Emergency Housing units. There’s also no point in delivering hundreds of units that can’t properly be stored until they’re required – as has been the case in the past. Specialized in the manufacture and sale of prefabricated and temporary emergency shelters and Emergency Housing  for refugees, suitable for emergency situations, Inside a typical transitional homeless shelter where people stay while waiting to get a spot in permanent housing.

Portable Emergency shelter for families

There are many different situations in life. Since the first day of its existence, human beings have faced situations such as wars, emergencies and natural disasters, and the needs in such situations have never changed regardless of time. emergency shelter is the most natural and necessary need of man. Emergency shelter buildings to be used for Emergency Housing purposes are also needed in emergency situations. It is essential that the building to be used to meet the emergency shelter needs has some basic features. These disaster relief shelters must be sheltered, durable structures that protect people from extreme cold and heat, where people can safely perform their vital activities.

Today, many different building types can be preferred for emergency housing units. If there is no time constraint, concrete-based traditional structures can be preferred, as well as modular structures such as steel structures, prefabricated, containers, where time is limited. Also an emergency shelter is a place for people to live temporarily when they cannot live in their previous residence. Emergency housing benefits people who are homeless for different reasons.

Emergency Housing Solutions – Homelessness

Karmod products are one of the best helpers in emergency situations. Our emergency shelter buildings, which are resistant to the harmful rays of the sun and extreme cold, offer comfortable spaces for human life.

We produce the most useful and economical structures all over the world with great care and precision for the processes that constitute the most difficult periods of human life. As a company that has been serving in the field of prefabricated building technologies for 36 years, we have contributed to dozens of social housing projects along with emergency shelters and Emergency Housing and we continue to do so. We support projects planned for those who are homeless after wars, after natural disasters such as earthquakes, in refugee camps or for other purposes, with our long-lasting, durable and all-season structures. We have delivered our buildings to more than 130 countries so far.

Modular systems are systems that provide convenience with the advantages they have in many different projects in the construction field. When modular buildings such as prefabricated emergency shelters and Emergency Housing and container buildings are preferred for a camp to be established after an earthquake, the site preparation required is minimized. Because modular systems are systems where all processes are planned and produced in factory environments, not in the construction site environment. In this way, the error rate is very low, there is no waste of material. Production of much better quality structures can be done in much shorter times at much lower costs.

Permanent Emergency Housing for Homeless Families

In our age where speed is critical, we are trying to produce each of our structures in the shortest time without any defects and reach the desired location. When it comes to emergency shelter buildings, we work with greater care. We produced and installed many of our projects in record time. One of these projects is the emergency housing project we have completed in Iraq. We produced and established 1884 houses in just 7 months in Iraq. Completed in Baghdad and Kut cities, the project is the world’s largest prefabricated mass housing project to be completed in one go. We have completed another project with record time in Congo. We produced and delivered 1200 houses in just 6 months.

Karmod products are produced with the lowest error rate, low cost, high quality and long service life. Our products have been preferred by hundreds of leading companies and thousands of people from all over the world for more than 35 years. We provide services for all building needs from emergency shelter and Emergency Housing to educational buildings, from construction site camps to hospitals.

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