Karmod Prefabricated security cabins were chosen by Erbil Airport

Erbil International Airport

Karmod buildings are being preferred in safe all over the world. One of the project Karmod completed is Erbil International Airport. Karmod prefabricated security cabins were chosen by Erbil Airport. A total number of 8 security cabin units with 150×150 cm dimensions were produced and delivered to Erbil International Airport to be used as police checkpoints. The cabins were delivered by land transportation to Erbil Airport as ready to use. As air conditioners will be used inside cabins, special support was added on wall panels.

Erbil International Airport is operated by the Kurdistan Regional Government at Erbil in northern Iraq. The new terminal building that was opened in 2010 was built by the Turkish company Makyol Cengiz construction. With 4,800 x 75 meters runway, Erbil Airport has one of the world’s longest runways.

Karmod built Erbil International Airport Security Cabins

Erbil International Airport:  Portable guard booths are structures that are useful and advantageous in many way. In the age we live in, speed is one of the most important criterions when buying a product. Because these security huts are portable, fast-production and fast-installation they can be use in so many sectors with different purposes. For example at a entering of a hospital, you can see them. You can see modern Karmod security cabin at the entering of a lux complex that contains tens of apartments. Also one of the usage areas of these buildings are work camps. As Karmod, we installed tens of work camps, contruction site buildings with our high quality products. At the same time, we also have cabin production for areas requiring high level security. You can browse our armored cabins and other cabins on our website.

Check Point & Screening security cabins – Erbil International Airport

Work camps are areas that need so many things. Ant those needs should be met in a short time. In addition to that, the building used in work camps can not be from traditional buildings like reinforced concrete because work camps are not permanent. Karmod site accommodation containers are one of the most suitable structures for a work camp.

As Karmod, we design all the buildings that a work camp may need together with our experienced and expert teams and we produce them in our modern production facilities in the best way. Each of our products goes through many checks during the production processes. While we use state-of-the-art technology production systems in our production facilities, we work with architects and engineers who are experts and experienced in their fields. We determine the most suitable construction container buildings for your needs and deliver them anywhere in the world in a short time.

Police security cabin at Erbil International Airport entrances and exits

Have you heard of Karmod new generation container technology? The new generation container technology we have developed with our expert R&D teams can be used in dozens of different areas, from our homes, which are our daily living spaces, to containers construction site. The biggest advantages they provide are:

  • Installation in just four steps
  • Low price, high quality
  • Panels that can be used in all seasons and save energy
  • Earthquake resistant structure
  • Fire-proof materials
  • Long-term use
  • Production in a short time

Modular container buildings are best for your work camps.  These buildings are ideal for your projects that are in remote areas. They are produced as demounted and, they are delivered to you as ready for use by installing at the project areaYou can view our completed work camps projects, our container officescommercial container buildingsmobile container toilets, mobile container showers and many more products on our website. You can also contact us for detailed information.

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