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Fiberglass buildings

Fast-build construction with composites : For over 36 years, Karmod fiberglass building has been manufacturing fiberglass shelters, custom fiberglass equipment enclosures and larger fiberglass buildings. All of our prefabricated shelters are engineered to order and built according to your specifications —we can accommodate orders for shelters of any size, any color and with any component. A Turkey fiberglass modular buildings  wall system that can deliver affordable fiberglass modular houses and schools in days is exported to meet global needs, including for refugee resettlement. It is aimed to maximize the life quality of people in the construction sector. For this, material selection is made with a very meticulous work during the architectural project and implementation phase of the construction. Fiberglass buildings have become one of the most preferred structures in recent years.

Fiberglass Composite Buildings with Polyurethane Insulation Suitable for All Weather Conditions

Prefabricated Fiberglass Buildings, known as glass fiber, is the name given to the material that is melted through molds and produced from very thin glass wires. Since their heat conduction levels are low and their mechanical strength is high, many composite materials are produced by combining these materials called glass fibers with other chemicals and substances.

GRP construction can be defined as a building element that is more durable than steel, is very durable and attracts all attention with its aesthetic appearance. It is a building material that has an extremely durable fiberglass structure and has been used much more in recent years. With the development of technology, Fiberglass building prices application techniques and application areas have expanded considerably. With its various features, fiberglass buildings are used effectively in the construction industry.

Global Fiberglass Buildings Sales at Good Price – Stable and Strong & Durable

Fiberglass buildings provide utmost convenience during application due to their light weight. Although they have a light structure, they are durable. Thanks to these two features, they have a wide range of uses. Thanks to its mold-free and non-rusting structure, they can be easily used in roof and outdoor areas and building facades. In contact with water and moisture, they can tolerate water and do not allow water to pass through.

They are used as wall cladding material because they are not affected by outdoor conditions and are resistant to wind, heat and cold. This material, which is applied to the wall surface with special techniques, preserves the structure of the wall for a long time. At the same time, different shape and color options can be applied very easily in fiberglass composite building panels. Fiberglass house is also very resistant to tensile and stress thanks to its flexible structure from the moment it is transformed into a composite plastic material with resins. With all its features, it contributes greatly to the strengthening of the Fiberglass structures and their aesthetic appearance.

 “Built for Life” Fiberglass Equipment Shelter Buildings

We produce Prefabricated fiberglass buildings that can be used as schools, houses and emergency housing after natural disasters or in camps where unwanted situations such as war are needed, and Modular Fiberglass Shelters that can be safely preferred in construction sites. Fiberglass buildings camp products consist of doors, walls, windows, roofs and different materials that are resistant to all weather conditions, have high insulation, and their quality is documented. Fiberglass structures

Made of composite materials, these fiberglass buildings are lightweight and easy to install. Thanks to their high insulation, they reduce heating and cooling costs.

Reasons to Use Fiberglass in House Building

Composite construction systems can be used in all areas. One of these is the portable fiberglass buildings we designed and produced. Prefabricated Fiberglass Shelters, which are produced as a demounted system up to 12.5 meters in length, can be transported to the city or the country at the desired distance by air, land and sea. The most common usage areas of these cabins are living areas, toll booths, kiosks, watch boxes and even social facilities. We delivered one of these cabins to the labor camps established in Senegal. Established to accommodate the workers working in the gold mine, the grp camp met the shelter needs of hundreds of workers. As Karmod, we deliver all over the world from African countries such as Ghana to Middle Eastern countries. With the latest technology production systems we use, our 36 years of industry experience and our expert teams, we produce the size and number of fiberglass buildings you want in a very short time, and deliver and install them wherever you want.

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