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Fibreglass Kiosks

We offer a variety of innovative, below the line branding and solutions for various industries across the in the World. Karmod Specialises in the manufacturing and branding of the ever popular Fibreglass Kiosks and Vending Trolleys. We hear frequently fibreglass GRP buildings in recent years. Their use has increased considerably in the last quarter. Even we hear frequently in recent years, their production and use is actually very old. Firstly we can see fibreglass in ornaments such as vases. As industrial usage, we can see fibreglass buildings at 1986’s. Huge changings have been in the building industry with glass-reinforced plastics. GRP building construction is used for roofs and then all part of a building.


Range of manufactured GRP/FRP Kiosks and Shelters

Glassfiber and fibraglass kiosks is a name that is gave to a material produced from very thin glass wires by melting in molds. It is mostly used in automotive and construction industries. Because its heat conduction is low and mechanical endurance is high, so many composite materials are being produced by combining fibreglass and other chemical materials. Fibreglass kiosks are more durable than steel materials. They have an aesthetics look, pretty solid. With development of technology, application area and methods of these fibrous glass reinforced plastic materials have been enlarged. They are being used actively in construction industry with their various features.

Glass reinforced polyester (Fibreglass) doen not affected by outdoor conditions. Because they are resistant against wind, hot or cold, they are preferred for wall board material. They are implemented with special methods on the wall panel and by this means the wall is protected for a long time. In addition to these, different colour and form options can be implemented easily. They are also very resistant to tensile and tension. With all these features, they contribute to. strengthening the structures and making them look more aesthetic. Karmod produces fibreglass gatehousescar park kiosksdemountable catering kiosk, storage security kiosks, and all fibreglass buildings you want.

Other than that, composite materials called fibreglass can also be used as facade reinforcement on wall surfaces. It also improves architecturally aesthetic appearances with different color options. It can be used in wall decorations of buildings, roof plates, even bathtubs, kitchen countertops.

GRP Kiosks – GRP Housing & Kiosk Manufacturer

Did you know that our buildings are being used at more than 130 countries right now? Karmod is one of the leading FRP kiosk manufacturer all around the world. We have international quality standards and production capacity. GRP camp buildings, modular wc or shower units, fibreglass kiosk, modular security cabins, portable ticket cabins are some of Karmod products that are preferred mostly. Buildilngs with fibreglass materials are the products whose production is very hard and demanding. With our high technology production systems, expert teams that are very good at their fields and more than 36 years experience, we produce fibreglass kiosk with great devotion.

GRP Kiosks, Housing and Substation Units

The Endurance Range of Fiberglass GRP enclosure / enclosures / kiosk / kiosks and building / buildings provides a progressive and innovative enclosure solution. Fiberglass GRP Kiosk / kiosks / Buildings / Building / Enclosure / Enclosures (Glass Reinforced Polyester / Fibre glass) Kiosks & buildings, We can produce fibreglass kiosks up to 12.5 meters high. We can deliver our buildings all over the world by air, land and sea. With our R and D studies, we offer modular buildings at more economic prices to everyone. For detailed information, contact Karmod teams.

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