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Flat pack container office

Container structures used in many areas can be produced as flat pack container office or assembled. So what is a flat pack container and how is it different from other container types?

Portable flatpack container office buildings can be produced up to 3 floors with the combination of single-storey and monoblock containers of many different sizes. You can choose the number of floors according to the area to be used. While a single floor is generally preferred in houses, flat pack container structures that can be designed and manufactured with a combination of multi-storey, monoblock containers are preferred, especially in construction projects such as container dining halls, container dormitories, and containers used for the shelter and different needs of the technical staff and the worker in the demountable container camps. Flatpack building modular units, unlike the containers that are delivered with completed assembly, are shipped to the area where they will be used as disassembled after they are produced in the factory. In demounted container structures, everything from metal carcass to door and window, from roof and wall panels to materials to be used in electrical and sanitary installations is produced in the factory and then packaged and shipped to the requested area. After they are brought to the requested installation area, the flatpack container structures are installed by special teams who are experts in their fields.

Flat Pack Container Office manufacturers

This provides a huge advantage. Normally, 2 containers, which can be transported with a single truck, can be transported in much more when transported as flat pack container office. This provides ease of transportation and saves costs by shipping more products at once. It can be easily transported and shipped by sea, air and road. Whether it is construction site structures, houses, villas or different living spaces, sales office buildings, it provides a great ease of transportation when produced and transported with the demounted container system. It can be easily shipped and installed anywhere in the world. Sandwich panels, which make the container excellent in terms of insulation, have been applied to all of the walls and roof coverings of the building. In the roof panel, these 125 mm thick panels are interlocked with a special clamping system, and the water intake problems that can be experienced in the buildings are completely eliminated.

Self-Storage Flat Pack Container Office Conversion

Modular flat pack buildings are used in many different locations and different functions. Container structures are a very efficient and economical solution for temporary solutions such as worker camps. Container structures for every need from the management office to the cafeteria for a worker camp can be produced in flat pack form. Flatpack accommodation campstructures are the most suitable solution in all aspects.

One of office and storage container manufacturers Karmod’s storage container and multi-house container system offers a superior quality housing solution at a competitive and affordable prices. Karmod flat pack container office is the market leader for the supply of container and prefabricated/mobile living camp solutions. Our products are of top quality as they are produced from only the best materials, and our portable container buildings are long life solution and they are multi-purpose solutions and at an affordable prices.

Self-Storage Flat Pack Container Office Conversion

The new generation container structures produced with the production of highly insulated sandwich panels are the choice of those who care about energy consumption and budget calculations with their measurable, real energy saving system. Choose Karmod amonghigh quality storage flatpack container manufacturers, which has taken part in dozens of important projects from all over the world and has proven itself with thousands of user references. Get the most suitable, most useful and economical housing solutions. You can contact us from all over the world for detailed information about our flatpack containers office for sale and portable container buildings.

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