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Inexpensive Sustainable Flat Pack homes in Ireland

Take Karmod production technology, one of the leading Premium Irish Flatpack Home Builders. Flat pack homes are slowly becoming more popular in Ireland and it's easy to see why; they're customizable, they're still relatively new, they're (sometimes) less expensive than traditional "brick and mortar" structures, and you can build flat pack houses in much less time than it would normally take to build a house.

At Karmod Ireland we produce approximately 70 to 80 bespoke offsite flat pack homes per month. Every flat pack house made in the factory in Ireland is a custom design. Karmod Ireland sales agents conduct a thorough briefing with their clients to determine requirements for space, layout, architecture and target budget for flat pack homes, then look at the plot and planning situation to create the bespoke design.

Karmod is a very successful off-site manufacturer and builds contemporary high quality bespoke steel houses, sometimes also called Irish self-build prefab houses, mostly made of untreated modular flat pack houses.

Healthy flat pack homes inspired by Irish nature

Building a long lasting, energy efficient, airtight and long lasting flat pack home in Ireland does not however require a lot of experience, craftsmanship, the right skills and – last but not least – and the right high quality materials and maintenance.

But there's no reason why prefab flat pack homes should have a bad reputation these days. There are multiple manufacturers producing flat pack homes in the sheltered environment of a dry factory, with all the added benefits from quick on-site assembly to precision construction. With longstanding stringent energy efficiency requirements and demand for high quality products, Ireland is leading the technology in prefab flat pack homes.

Given the current circumstances, we prefer to call our method of building high quality, energy efficient prefabricated flat pack homes in Ireland "Off-Site Modular Homes". Today, flat pack homes produced off-site can be bespoke modular homes based on individual needs, budget, and style. Customers have complete design freedom while enjoying the benefits of this method of construction: speed of assembly, fixed price and on time finish. Of course, there is a huge difference in quality, construction and price between the various manufacturers and the Premium manufacturer such as Karmod.

The Reliable Modern Flat pack Homes We Want To Live In

Flat pack homes are very popular in Ireland and Europe and have recently become much more popular here on Earth, but the lack of financing options means they are only a realistic option for those with a large deposit. No company in Ireland develops more cost-effective modular flat pack houses than Karmod. Apart from flat pack houses, Karmod also manufactures temporary prefabricated houses at the design stage and in full production for distribution to disaster areas.

If you have land in Ireland and enough money for a large deposit, a prefab flat pack house is a viable option and you can create a new modular home. For those with limited funds, your options are limited because it doesn't run any cheaper than buying a traditional flat-pack home, and most lenders don't want to risk mortgaging a property that hasn't been built yet.

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