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Flat pack house Malaysia

Karmod Modular flat pack House System is an innovative building solution under patent pending from patent corporation treaty. It uses self-load bearing composite wall and roofing to replace the column lintel, excess roof trusses, false ceiling and structures used in conventional building system. Consistent quality and energy efficient building material manufactured by an ISO9001:2000 accredited company. One of the key selling point of Karmod Modular flat pack house malaysia is – lightweight prefabricated dry-wall building system, for fast and easy installation.

Low Cost Prefab Housing Malaysia

The project design services in the residential buildings detailed in single storey with light steel technology are presented by taking into account the current building regulations. Our houses designed as per various requirements of the users are durable, elegant and long lasting and can be used in all kinds of climate conditions. A-1 class incombustible fiber cement material is used on the Falat Pack House Malaysia especially for exterior elegance. Stylish and distinct exterior solutions can be created with various facing alternatives.

Special works can be made in the direction of customer requirements and demands apart from our standard single storey housing plans.

Cheap Flat Pack House Malaysia Price

The trend in smart Flat pack House Malaysia is becoming increasingly popular. Through its various personalization’s, you will have the opportunity to live in a more comfortable, efficient, modern and streamlined environment. It allows different technologies in a user friendly centralized automation system configured to the customer’s request. No matter where you are, you can stay in touch with the system using any of the latest smart phones

Affordable Social Housing Solution Malaysia

The manufactured Flat Pack House Malaysia is constantly evolving. The trend living in one catching up fast and their needs have to be met. Karmod offers all the advantages of the prefabricated house malaysia built in the factory, under ideal conditions in addition to unparalleled quality for this type of social housing. The need for immediate housing for victim of natural Calamities and the Homeless, gives local authorities the option to consider Karmod as a quick and safe Green Shelter

Our modular construction schedule does give significant impact on the time taken to complete the whole building structure up to installation on site compared to conventional construction schedule whose consuming a lot of resources, energy and time. With great competitive price offering and great time saving, our solution become the most popular option for busy young adults and retiree to own a unit of their own and also big organizations whose constantly focusing on profits and margins.

We Design, Prefab Build and Customise – Good Quality, Affordable Price Malaysia

A residential building of prefab steel structure offers several advantages. Its strength and reliability keep you safe from natural disasters such as earth tremors and earthquakes. It is a permanent solution to problems related to pests (termites, ants, etc). The prefab steel structure requires little maintenance which is good for your pocket. A single component moisture cured coating ultimate combination for Rust Prevention and Surface Protection.

We are proud to introduce our successful innovative coating namely Karmod Thermo Coating that fight tropic heat issue that most customer are very worry about. A prototype was made successfully and a full test and assessment on heat fighting has been done. The test was taken place here in Malaysia under a hot sunny day. Our coating has pass the test and made the temperature drop to 25 to 32 degree under natural ventilation. This High R Value proves that less energy consumption will take place in maintaining comfortable temperature for living and less power consumption which is the best news for everyone

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