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Flat Pack Shelter 

Temporary flat pack shelters for a more dignified life in displacement. Durable Structure. The Flat Pack Emergency Refuge And Better Shelter. Karmod produces solar-powered flat pack refugee shelters, Why Karmod’s flat pack refugee shelter won design of the year, Better Shelter, a flat-pack temporary emergency refugee shelter project supported by Karmod Foundation, Local solutions are generally preferred in humanitarian response, as they tend to be more cost-effective, better stimulate the local economy and will more likely fit local culture and customs.

Flat-Pack Prefab Shelter in Karmod

Shelter is a building that is used in every aspect of life, from city centers to house complexes. Since security is a basic need of human beings, the usage and need area of ​​these structures is quite wide. They are used from the military to the public sphere, from simple structures to armored structures. We introduce you to the economical, safe and long-lasting flat pack shelter products of Karmod, one of the world’s leading modular building manufacturers.

Why Karmod’s flatpack refugee shelter won design of the year

Flat pack is a term used for structures that are produced and sold in parts and assembled at the desired location. It is the name of a system used in the furniture and construction industry. Flat pack furniture and flat pack modular buildings are practical, useful and economical products that are increasingly used today. They stand out with their most economic advantages. Their costs are much lower than those produced by traditional methods, so they can be sold at more economical prices than normal. They are easy to transport, because they are produced in parts, the parts are packaged separately, saving space. This easy handling system also helps to deliver products quickly.

Flat Pack Shelters are the First and Best Choice in Emergencies

Emergencies are a fact and part of our lives. Dozens of events take place almost every day around the world for various reasons such as war, migration, earthquake, natural disaster. After such unusual situations, sheltering is primarily needed. This need should be met as soon as possible in the best quality. In this case, emergency flatpack shelters, which can be preferred, are life-saving. Waste and cost is minimized by using the most efficient raw material in the factory, and at the same time, the need for sheltering is met in a very short time thanks to the short production time. Karmod flat pack emergency shelter products are delivered all over the world. It is very natural and possible to find Karmod products in more than 120 countries around the world from Iraq to America.

The FlatPack Emergency Refuge And Better Shelter

We have been preferred by state institutions, private institutions and non-governmental organizations in dozens of situations where the need for construction is very important, such as after the war and after natural disasters. Due to our 36 years of experience in the sector and our contribution to dozens of different sectors, we produce the best quality and most economical structure for you, while at the same time analyzing your needs in the most accurate way, we produce the most accurate structure for you.

Flat-pack refugee shelter wins Design of the Year 2021

One of the most preferred demountable buildings is flat pack modular house. Not everyone can own a house whenever they want. Increasing expenses, increasing real estate prices and unfavorable banking conditions make it even more difficult to own a house. Thanks to its advantageous structure, the flat pack modular house allows you to own a house in a very short time, while at the same time, it allows you to realize this request at very economical prices.

Flat-pack shelter for refugees wins top design award

Very modern, luxurious and comfortable living spaces can be built with houses using building materials such as prefabricated, container and steel. In addition to being budget friendly with its prices, low cost flat pack houses are also environmentally friendly with its structure. Reinforced concrete structures are buildings that can be harmful to the environment and increase the rate of environmental pollution both in terms of building and construction processes. In flat pack mobile home production, it is much more advantageous in terms of factors such as global warming and environmental pollution, as materials that minimize damage to the environment are used, and energy savings are achieved with high heat and sound insulation.

Contact Karmod teams for more detailed information about flat pack shelter and flat pack houses, which offer comfortable and economical working areas to your security personnel everywhere, provide advantages in many ways in emergency situations, and allow you to own the house you want. Don’t waste your time and budget!

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