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Foldable modular homes

The Karmod Foldable home building is adaptable, fast, safe & built for the toughest environments. Unfold your home anywhere. Prefab folding houses built to last. Sustainable tiny modular buildings for hospitality and events

Foldable modular homes are products that can be easily transported and generally produced with a modular system. They provide you convenience in every area they are used. Thanks to their ease of production and much lower production costs, they are much more accessible than traditional reinforced concrete structures. It is possible to find these structures for different purposes, as daily living areas in many areas, in worksites and as business areas in many sectors.

Folding prefab modular home can be built anywhere in 24 hours

With Karmod new generation Foldable modular homes system, you can own a house in one day. With the advantage of easy installation and very economical prices, you can choose one of the ready-made Foldable container plans and become a home owner with production in just one day. We can ship your house to anywhere in the world and install it. We deliver it ready-to-use from electrical installation to water installation and we use approved materials in all materials we use.

Karmod builds rapidly rising foldable modular homes that reduce costs

Karmod Foldable modular homes  is product of high technology that is foldable, solid-wall temporary building that lets disaster relief, military and workforce housing operations deploy temporary facilities anywhere in the world on a moment’s notice. All Karmod Foldable modular homes products are built as the most durable and adaptable temporary or permanent buildings in the market. Our products are ahead of their competitors with their many privileges and advantages. From security areas to office areas, you can move your workplace thanks to the portable shelter.

Affordable Home System for Foldable Tiny Houses and Beyond

We realize the installation of the structures that can be completed within days. We produced and delivered many projects around the world in record time. We completed the 1884 buildings for a mass Foldable modular homes project in just 7 months. One of our projects we realized is two Emergency Hospitals with a capacity of 1008 beds in 45 days and 19 school buildings of 1960 square meters in 72 days. Now you can see how the world’s most versatile Foldable modular homes and portable shelter can be assembled and ready to use in. Details can be found on our website.

This Karmod Folding House is the Perfect Home Ownership Option

Containers are stronger than many structures. Karmod Foldable modular homes is a product with international standards. It provides safe use even in 1st degree earthquake zones. 3. Useful for climatic zones. It has 80 Kg / m² snow load and 80 Km / Hour wind speed. With its specially shaped EPS filled sandwich panel, it is both durable and highly insulated. 60% energy saving is provided. It helps you manage your budget more efficiently with insulated walls, floors and roofs that reduce energy and fuel costs.

Foldable Prefab tiny homes you can build in a flash

As a company established in Turkey in 1986, we have been serving all over the world for 36 years. With our superior service guarantee principle, we carefully select the materials we use and work specifically on every need. We design and manufacture workplaces that can be easily moved everywhere and can be set up easily. We meet the needs of working and accommodation units in remote areas with our construction site structures. With our foldable modular home buildings, we deliver our buildings to anywhere that requires urgent housing needs in the shortest time. We work for permanent solutions as well as temporary solutions. We produce structures for every sector, from education buildings to hospitals. For areas such as showrooms and sales offices that need to be built in a very short time, we start the delivery process from our stocked products from the moment of order. Tell us your needs and leave the rest to us. Let’s give the best answer to your needs with our Foldable modular homes  products, from education buildings to health clinics.

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