Transportable Foldable Shelter System for Disaster Relief

Foldable shelter

There are some events that happen all the time, no matter how much technology advances or how much the world changes. Natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes are among these. At the same time, war has always been a fact of humanbeing. After such situations, migrations may occur. Huge amounts of accommodation are needed. The best answer to these needs is foldable shelter. Foldable buildings are modular structures. They are generally manufactured in factories and each parts are manufactured separately and installed at the place of delivery.

They can be prefabricated, foldable shelter or steel structures. The use of these structures has been increasing in every field in recent years. They can be used as multi-purpose cabins in camps, as offices in different places such as accommodation, dining hall, dormitory, kitchen, warehouse (Construction camp accommodation and Mining modular building accommodation etc.).

Being one of the foldable shelter manufacturers, Karmod has an international reputation. With its very good product quality, very good price / performance ratio, expert and experienced staff, it serves all over the world. With 36 years of experience, it does not only make sales to its customers, it also provides consultancy for each project and each problem. High quality products can be produced, but it is not always possible to produce the most suitable products for every situation. Karmod not only produces products with very good quality, but also produces quality products that are most suitable for you.

Housing for the Homeless: Smart & foldable portable shelter Solutions

Container house is one of the structures that is widely used as a foldable shelter. It has a wide range of uses from mass housing projects to construction projects. It can be produced quickly and installed in a short time. In Karmod new generation container technology, all containers can be installed in just 4 steps. As a company that has been serving in the sector for 36 years, we always try to be innovative. We foldable shelter technology closely. We are constantly trying to renew ourselves, to continuously improve the quality of the service we provide and the products we produce, with R&D studies and the feedback we get. We design and manufacture foldable shelter structures that are useful from transportation to use.

We have been involved in many large-scale projects and supported the completion of projects just in time. We took part in the construction site camps of important construction projects, mining projects, natural gas projects, airports, roads and bridges with our foldable shelter products. We designed comfortable, useful and durable work and living spaces so that the project can be carried out in the most efficient way and completed on time.

Emergency Response Disaster Portable Foldable Shelters 

As a company that has been in many different projects for 36 years, our field of work is also wide.

  • Military camps
  • Portable foldable shelter
  • Natural gas and mining camps
  • Road, airport, bridge constructions
  • Modular Hospital construction
  • Construction of educational buildings
  • Mass housing projects
  • Work offices
  • Portable toilets Wc / shower solutions
  • Portable Cabins

Portable Shelters Designed For Disaster-Relief Emergencies

We produce the most suitable foldable shelter for every need by making special sizing and design for each of projects and work areas. We also design and manufacture buildings for non-commercial purposes. For example, we help our customers who want to own a house with our affordable containers and foldable shelter. By combining luxury and comfort with economic prices, we build the house of your dreams and produce it in just weeks.

Medical expandable foldout Container shelter

All our structures are suitable for earthquake zones. Our foldable shelter products, which are protected against fire, have a low risk of burning and we use non-flammable materials, are also resistant to fire. With different cladding options, they are suitable for aesthetically very different designs. We use automotive technology in the paints of our buildings. In this way, all our structures preserve their first day appearance for long periods. Maintenance costs are low. Thanks to their high insulation performance, they can be used in all seasons and can reduce energy costs.

You can contact us for all your building needs, whether for your large scale construction project or for the house you have been dreaming of for years.

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