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Karmod, which sends its products to more than 130 countries, can serve you as a Germany container company. Our containers that are useful and economical, can be produced in the desired size and quantity for every sector.

Containers are one of the best alternatives to traditional construction methods

The need for structure may not only be needed permanently. Traditional construction methods will not be a good choice for buildings that are temporarily needed. Because temporary solutions usually require portable structures. However, structures built with traditional construction such as reinforced concrete are not portable. Another important issue is, time is much more important in temporary solutions compared to permanent building needs. The construction period of reinforced concrete structures is very long. For this reason, structures that are both portable and can be built much easier and faster are being developed. Germany container company are the most ideal structures for these needs. As their name suggests, these buildings consist of modules. They are produced at the factory in separate parts. Later, these parts are assembled at the place of installation and delivered to the customer ready to use.

Karmod produces Germany container company for every sector. One of the areas where it produces the most containers is worker camps. With its high quality and useful Germany container company, the project provides the employees with the most comfortable accommodation. Each of their structures are sterile and friendly to human health. In addition, they are also environmentally friendly structures. When using Karmod’s containers, you do not harm the environment or human health.

Karmod Portable Storage & Moving Germany Containers

Karmod has strong references from dozens of countries. Germany is one of these countries. We carried out many different projects in Germany. You can choose our structures produced with great care for Germany container company with peace of mind for. For example, in the city of Nettetal, we designed and manufactured farmhouses for a fruit growing region. These farmhouses are used by the workers who work there. We used our new generation productions in containers Germany and we completed the design, production and assembly of those products in a very short time. Our containers produced with the production method we call the new generation container technology, can be installed in only 4 steps. In the project, there are 6 farmhouses of 3 * 12 sizes and the container houses have 2 + 1 plans. We set up this project in just 14 days.

One of the projects we have implemented in Germany container company is Music Education Center. The project was carried out in the city of Potsdam. In this project, we used our new generation containers, which are economical, convenient, easy to install and have fast production features. There are 70 containers in an area of 280 people and the total area is 1575 square meters. In the buildings that will be used for musical education, special insulation coating was applied in addition to the insulated panels.

Container Sizes And Prices – Karmod Germany Container Sales

As Karmod Germany container company, we are happy to serve you. We have carried out hundreds of projects in more than 130 countries so far with our 36 years of industry experience, our expert teams and our principles of being open to innovation and customer-oriented management. We continued on our way by further improving ourselves with the feedback we received. We are working harder every day to be even better. We can design and produce Germany container company for hospitals, school, offices, living spaces,camp, dormitories or any other area you want.  You can contact us for more detailed information about our products, our work and our company. Also you can reach our products and references on our website.

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