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Karmod Guard Booth is a manufacturer of prefabricated guard booth, parking attendants, ticket vendors, and cashiers. Karmod ‘s guard booths are portable, affordable, customizable and secure. We have … Custom Designs Meet Your Company’s Unique Needs. Manufacturer of standard & custom portable security & guard booths. Types of guard booths include bullet resistant & portable guard booths. Karmod International plays a significant role in providing guard booths, security booth, guard shacks and guard houses (guardhouses) to airports, private industry, Our portable guard shacks will defend your security guards from rain, snow, and hail. Karmod ‘s small security booth are portable, affordable, customizable and secure.

Guardian Booth Pre-Assembled Security Guard Booths

Our company, one of the leading portable guard booth manufacturers in the world, can produce prefab guard booths in any size you want and deliver them anywhere in the world. With our stocked production system, we can meet your needs without making you wait. We have booths in all sizes from 150×150 to 300×700. You can contact us for high quality low price parking attendant boothsprefabricated guard shacktoll booths and guard booths you can choose for all your needs.

Guard booths manufacturer

Fiberglass portable cabins are one of the best choices for security guard booths, easy to manufacture, useful and most economical. Together with its aesthetic appearance, it aesthetically beautifies its location and can be used in modern spaces. A special painting system is used in Karmod cabins and with this system, portable guard booths do not smell. According to the customer’s request, the opening directions of the windows of the guard booths can be up and down, left and right, or they can be produced as fixed.

Portable cabins, one of the portable guard shacks, are a structure that is in perfect harmony with modern city designs. Guard booth manufactured in Karmod’s production facilities equipped with the latest technology production systems are much more durable than GRP material. Precast portable guard buildings, which are a good option for more permanent solutions, are also advantageous with their economic prices. Precast is a concrete that provides much higher performance than conventional concrete. Different chemicals in it give durability and flexibility to the structure.

High Security Guard Booths – Guard Buildings and Houses

Our guard booths for sale and portable cabins are one of our special products. They can be used in different areas from multi-purpose Toilet solutions to security. They can be preferred as picnic areas, parks, city centers, taxi stands. Our cabins, which are very useful as guard booths, have maximum heat and sound insulation thanks to the isolated styrofoam used between the walls. Steel doors can be preferred according to the wishes of our customers. Thanks to the ability to use different coating options in its outer coating, it has a design that can be adapted to every area. Coatings such as wood coating, siding, taconite coating, aluminum composite coating can be preferred over the metal frame. Decorative PVC coverings are used in floor coverings. Like every Karmod product, it has very reasonable prices despite high quality.

Prefab & Custom Guard Booths – Fully Equipped Portable Booths

 Security guard booth for sale is one of the most basic human needs. The progress of the order in the society without interruption, the punishment of the criminals, the protection of the current order are all about security. Therefore, human beings have found and implemented various methods to ensure their safety since the first age. As Karmod, we are in every need with our buildings. One of these areas is the buildings used for security needs. Small security booths are used both temporarily and permanently in many areas. Ballistic guard booths for example, police checkpoints, gendarmerie checkpoints, police, park and garden guards, complex security, construction site security, school guards, hospital security, military points, parking lots…

Karmod ballistic guard booth technologies is an internationally preferred company that brings its quality to all parts of the world with its superior quality, latest technology and production systems. Among our customers who have purchased our guard booths, which have a very wide area of ​​use, there are various sector groups from the private sector to the public and non-governmental organizations. In our portable guard booth products, you can choose from different types of cabinets such as polyester, precast, sandwich panel or metropolitan cabin. Each of our prefabricated guard booths can be used even in earthquake zones. They have insulation that provides high performance in all seasonal conditions. They are environmentally friendly structures.

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