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Our mobile guard houses and prefabricated control Guard Houses are the highest quality on the market, yet still are very competitively priced. It will ship directly from the factory totally assembled, ready to set and use. Whether you call it a Guard Houses, mobile guard shack or security booth, Little Buildings provides preassembled portable steel buildings such as guardhouses, bus shelters, toll and ticket houses, and transaction windows. Portable Prefab guard house buildings can be built with bulletproof glass, ballistic resistant doors, insulated and armored walls, sliding windows and much more.

Custom Guard Houses and Portable Guard House

As Karmod Portable Guard Houses Technologies, we have provided countless services globally for more than 36 years. In our years of servicing, we had one aim in our mind, achieving maximum customer satisfaction. With having provided uncounted number of low cost prefab Guard Houses on demand and countless Guard Houses for either heavy-duty projects or modular commercial buildings and many other types of Portable Guard Houses, our wide variety of products have gained popularity over the years thanks to our experience in this industry.

With our research and development team you are constantly in search for new technologies to implement in our products so that we can provide a much wider array of services for your likings. From portable cabin prefab Guard Houses and site accommodation services to prefabricated health facilities and catering kiosks, all of our products have the feature of being very durable, practical, cost-effective, etc.

Whether it is a large-scale project like a construction project or a mining operation, our wide variety of multi-purpose products are guaranteed to provide exactly what you want. They are made to withstand any kind of harsh environment and natural or other disasters.

They also can be moved in the middle of the project thanks to the easy installation and removal feature. One of the main features of our products is, they are very cost-effective compared to permanent buildings and other prefab Guard Houses in the market while containing all of the features mentioned above. As Karmod Prefab Security Guard houses Technologies we consider all kinds of humanitarian and professional measures. We calculate before working and take the necessary measures do not disturb our surroundings.

#1 Manufacturer of Guard Houses & Prefab Security Guard House

Portable Guard houses and Security Guard houses are additional buildings that provide security and comfort for businesses. Portable Security Guard houses are structures that have been used in many areas in the past. Versions such as sentry booths or police booths have a long history, especially in the military. Some of them can be like a stand-alone building without being built as an addition to a facility.

From past to present, the most important aim of guard houses is to provide security. Security Guard houses, especially used for facilities in remote areas, have a symbolic function as well as security. Today, it has been proven that even a single security booth greatly reduces the risk of theft. In the facilities where guard booths are located, it has been observed that the crime cases have decreased compared to the previous ones. Security in the night is also important in facilities in the city. They can serve as an information point not only for security purposes but also for visitors to your facility.

Quality Portable security guard houses and Prefab Guard House

Guard houses are ideal solutions for facilities with different security needs. The security need of a facility used for military purposes is higher. For this reason, security booths are made and delivered from more durable material. We can build guard houses for every need. Prefabricated Guard Houses buildings are portable and easy to build. Before your facility is built, you must ensure the safety of your project. Prefabricated Security Guard houses will be a solution for you before starting your project thanks to their easy and fast construction feature.

Even a single guard house can ensure that you can continue your project with confidence. You can add the technological equipment you want according to your needs. You can change its design according to your architectural plan or move it to the desired location when you need to move it. We work with you at every stage from design to production. Karmod Security Guard houses various designs for prefabricated guard houses for a custom designed security booth of your choice.

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