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Introducing the next generation of Prefab housing Iran – beautiful, affordable, modern green modular homes Iran delivered to your site. Modern prefab homes Iran. Compared to conventional construction methods, modern prefab homes Iran are built faster and have a smaller environmental impact. Plant builds custom architectural homes, empowering individuals, developers, and architects with a faster, higher quality, and more sustainable way to build.

Best Prefab Modular Home Builders & Construction Companies in Iran

With our over 36 years of experience in this industry, as Karmod Prefabricated Buildings Technologies, we provide prefabricated services across the globe. Having provided low-cost practical prefabricated homes in Iran including Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Tabriz, and many other countries across the globe, we want to expand more and achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Undergoing a meticulous production process, our products are made with sturdiest materials that can be implemented in prefabricated panels. From general portable container accommodation and construction site office containers Iran to prefab hospitals and prefab school projects, our wide array of services can be deployed anywhere at any given time because of their very practical design which makes them exceptionally easy in both installation and removal.

Prefab Modular Buildings Manufacturer in Iran

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we give space to innovation and new technologies in our works thus promoting new ideas in our workplace, so that we can keep up with continually growing demand of prefabricated buildings Iran and the constant development of technology. In older times, the idea of having a prefabricated building instead of a permanent building was not well received. But with the significant development in technology has made that idea stay in the past.

The continuous development of technology gives our services the advantage of being very practical, portable, cost-effective and configurable. This means that each and every product of ours can have their interior or exterior completely customized, can be moved with ease even in the middle of a project and are exceptionally affordable compared to any other permanent buildings which do not have a good reputation amongst construction industry because of their unpracticality. All in all, as Karmod Prefabricated Buildings Technologies, we aim to provide the exact service our clients require by offering them the best prefabricated buildings Iran that are available in the market.

Prefabricated Structure Manufacturers in Iran

Prefabricated construction Iran, or “prefab,” is a construction technology that has grown in popularity recently. This technology consists of units that are manufactured off-site at the factory and then field parts are assembled. Prefab structures Iran have many advantages. At the same time, since there are many types, you need to choose the one that suits you. Since prefabricated methods are produced in a factory, that is, indoors, they are not affected by weather conditions. Ambient conditions are not effective in the production process of a prefabricated building Iran. For this reason, it allows you to be extremely comfortable with delays and outside interventions. Factory production simplifies and speeds up the construction process. By creating a controlled and safe environment, it does not cause disruptions in the workflow. All these features make prefabricated Iran methods low cost.

Iran Modular & Prefabricated Building Construction

Prefabricated construction Iran projects greatly reduce the environmental impact. For example, modular construction can be made on a ground where traditional construction cannot be done. Prefabricated construction is particularly advantageous for multiple buildings. With this method, you can build hundreds of buildings in the same structure and design in a very short time. Hospitals, schools, worker camps can be given as examples. Construction Iran projects require a large team and expert staff.

The world’s First Prefabricated House Buildings in Iran

However, most of a prefabricated buildings Iran project is taken care of during the production phase, and a small team will be sufficient for construction. Prefabricated systems are more advantageous in terms of work safety. There is almost no danger compared to traditional projects. While modular construction Iran technology is often confused with prefabricated construction, they are not actually the same. Actually, modular building is a unit of prefabricated construction. Applications in the industry have sometimes caused these definitions to change. The modular structure Iran is all parts assembled before it is sent to the construction site to be built. Everything, including electricity and plumbing, must be assembled at the factory. This method is perfect for standard projects.

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