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Karmod is Kazakhstan’s largest private modular buildings producer, holding important in of the nation’s biggest prefab modular buildings producing fields – Tengiz and Karachaganak.
Karmod, the world’s leader brand in prefabricated modular buildings sector, has produced and delivered prefabricated modular building to Kazakhstan. Petrol or mineral exploration projects are big projects that are important for every country. Elaborate studies are carried out on each stage of the projects. Big investments are made. Kazakhstan is one of the regions where these studies are carried out. Within the scope of the project, cooperation is made with Oil and gas companies of Kazakhstan for all necessary building needs from accommodation units to offices. One of these projects is in the city of Aktua, located on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Karmod was preferred for the giant construction site structures of the project, which was planned for oil exploration and extraction. The firm undertaking the project is LLP CONS.Construction site structures were placed on an area of ​​1720 square meters. These construction sites include management offices along with accommodation units. Prefabricated containers office structures were used in 5 buildings produced within the project.

Solution partner to the world’s construction and energy industries

As Karmod Oil and gas companies of Kazakhstan, we continue to be a solution partner to the construction and energy sectors in dozens of countries around the world. Many countries from Kazakhstan to Libya, from Qatar to Iraq prefer Karmod modular buildings in their important projects such as oil and mining.

We have undertaken the construction needs of many projects from hospital constructions, mining and oil exploration projects, airport projects to mass housing projects with our state-of-the-art production systems, building quality, fast and safe installation and professional after-sales services. The structures we use are diverse such as container, prefabricated, fibercement, sandwich panels. We produce our structures specifically for the needs of each project. With our industry experience and strong references, we are proud to be the first choice of large and important projects worldwide. All jobs in Kazakhstan in the Oil and Gas sector and Oil and gas companies of Kazakhstan

Some of our other projects

260 Mass Housing – Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Karmod buildings were preferred in the mass housing project carried out by the Iraqi Ministry of Development. The total length of the project, which includes 260 houses, is 21.840. We have completed and delivered the mass housing project consisting of 2-storey prefabricated houses in just 2 months.

School Cabins – Baghdad

In the project prepared by the Iraqi Ministry of Education, classroom booths for educational purposes were requested. Karmod was preferred for the buildings that will be used for educational purposes for many years. We completed the project with a total quantity of 12.182 in 3 months. The project has 96 WCs with 480 classrooms. Oil and Gas jobs in Kazakhstan ➥ Explore Oil & Gas Jobs using Simple and Oil and gas companies of Kazakhstan

Sahdeniz 2 – Baku, Azerbaijan

The choice of construction site structures of the Shahdeniz project, which is one of the projects of great importance worldwide, was Karmod. The camp, which consists of 126 prefabricated and sandwich panel containers to be used as a worker camp, has a total area of ​​3.870 square meters. In the project that we have completed in only 7 months, everything needed for accommodation areas is available.

2,500 Mass Housing – Iraq

As Karmod, we are also preferred in mass housing projects around the world. We have completed one of these mass housing projects in Iraq. In the project we carried out with the Iraqi Ministry of Development, we produced, delivered and installed 2500 houses in 12 months. The total area of ​​the project is 250000 m2. Prefabricated structures with high insulation, economical, comfortable and safe were preferred as the building model.

With Wide Product Groups We Are With You In Every Need

Karmod works closely with leading Oil and gas companies of Kazakhstan companies to help them operate efficiently and succeeds.. As a company that has been in the modular buildings sector for 36 years, we produce high quality, safe, long-lasting, durable and economical buildings for all areas of life. We deliver our structures that we produce tailored to your needs, and reduce your workload. Modular cabins, container structures, prefabricated structures, steel structures can be used in many different sectors from individual use to critical projects. We can help you to have your dream home, in the construction sites of your mining exploration projects, in your commercial buildings and every need…

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