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Small and large kiosks are very sweet, very aesthetic and very economical! Karmod offers services to locations from all over the world. While adding value to the sector with its quality and offering quality work and living spaces, it also makes quality accessible with its affordable prices. We have been manufacturing modular buildings for over 36 years. We made thousands of people home owners, meeting the building needs of tens of companies in different sectors in record time. Our building groups: Prefabricated structures, container structures, Kiosks.

Retail Kiosks and Catering Kiosks

Karmod’s experience in manufacturing innovative, quality mobile catering kiosk solutions lends itself to establishing a full service for those customers who would like something that is more bespoke in terms of concept and location.

Karmod has built up a good reputation over the years of trading. Every catering trailer, catering van, retail kiosks, catering kiosks and retail merchandising unit manufactured must pass a rigorous quality control process before leaving the factory. Portable Kiosks are designed and manufactured for a range of applications. School kiosks that are used to provide additional catering facilities, Railway kiosks designed, manufactured and installed to meet all railway specifications. Airport kiosks designed, manufactured and installed to meet all airport guidelines – Modular kiosks have been installed in may of the UK’s airports. Container kiosks which provide a fast and cost effective solution to retail merchandising space.

Coffee Kiosk and Retail Kiosk Manufacturers

Among these structures, there are structures needed in all areas of life such as schools, hospitals, houses, construction sites, WCs and showers. We produce structures for all areas of life. When you tell us your needs, we complete your needs completely and deliver your structure to you ready to use.

Kiosks, one of the building groups we deliver to all over the world among our products, has many privileged features. You can order retail kiosks or in bulk. Our kiosks offer secure and flexible accommodation solutions. Mounted on steel pallet bases the units can be moved easily and, when branded correctly, can provide powerful positive exposure. Thanks to the affordable product prices, you can start to get the return of your investments in a very short time.

Security Kiosks, Gatehouses & huts manufactured

Glass-reinforced plastics are formed by combining a plastic that is resistant to ambient conditions, has a flexible structure but does not have sufficient mechanical strength, and glass fiber with high mechanical strength. Glass-reinforced plastics or GRP is a very high quality material. Glass fiber is a material with high mechanical strength. Plastics, on the other hand, have low mechanical strength due to their chemical structure. A perfect material is created by taking the mechanical strength feature from glass fiber and the flexibility feature from plastic. Our GRP kiosks can be used in all seasonal conditions with its superior material structure. Thanks to this feature, its usage area is quite wide. Construction sites, shops, offices, security kiosks, portable toilet and showers …

Security Kiosks, Car Park Kiosk and Ticket Kiosks

Plastic kiosks are long-lasting structures that are light in weight, easy to transport and ship. Its main areas of use are security, newspaper / magazine / greengrocer kiosks and portable toilets. Karmod portable kiosk is very suitable even for 1st degree earthquake zones. The floor covering is PVC. It has a galvanized profile chassis. It is very easy to clean. Both inner and outer surfaces can be washed and wiped. All of our kiosks are under Karmod guarantee. You can contact our after sales professional teams for any problem you encounter during use. Thanks to its maximum width, it provides a very comfortable space for the staff working in it. In addition to being earthquake resistant and using superior quality materials, we use high density flame retardant polyurethane sandwiches in our products. We produce high security and comfortable kiosks by trying to take into account all possible risks.

Manufactured Bespoke Portable Security Kiosks

Karmod kiosks are also resistant to land and wind. Snow load value is 80 Kg / m². The wind speed value is 80 Km / Hour. These values ​​are valid provided that the product is fixed to the ground. Human health may be endangered to a great extent due to long working hours and unsuitable working conditions. Our products provide excellent protection against the harmful rays of the sun. When you choose our products that are environmentally friendly as well as human health, you will make the best choice for you and your environment. Karmod is a company approved by ministry of environment and urbanization. Choose a company with an approved quality, get long-lasting, durable and aesthetic looking kiosks at affordable prices in a short time.

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