Affordable Labor Camps & Staff Accommodation in UAE

Labour Accommodation

Temporary Construction Facilities & Labour Camps, Prefabricated modular labour accommodation buildings, worker camps in remote locations. Over 36 years experience in oil & gas, minerary, military, humanitarian sectors. Labour Camp Features. Labour Accommodation units; Ancillary buildings such as: Kitchens; Gymnasiums; Dining rooms; Laundry.
For permanent or temporary housing problems, Karmod offers you durable, useful and quality structures suitable for all seasonal conditions. The structures produced by Karmod, for example for labor accommodation camps, can be customized according to the project and the needs of the customer. Customers may prefer dimensioning outside of standard plans, and they can include different options such as management and work offices, dormitories, dining halls, toilets, kitchens, and security cabins into their projects. As Karmod, we are assertive about staff labour accommodation with the assurance we receive from the quality of our buildings and dozens of project references from all over the world.

Modular Labour Accommodation Camp Solutions

We make a significant contribution to the timely completion of projects with the building solutions we offer for the needs of the prefabricated office and prefabricated worker camp structures in rapidly competing large projects. With our experience of more than 36 years, we offer many alternatives of labor accommodation camp solutions depending on the size of the project. Considering the total number of managers, technical personnel and workers who will take part in the construction site, alternative building solutions we have created by considering the possible additional personnel employment that may occur during the project stages will also provide convenience to your project. At the same time, details such as the construction site bunk, locker and air conditioning required in the construction site environments are provided by Karmod as a project-specific supply.

Cheap Labor Accommodation camps in Dubai

In difficult field conditions, with prefabricated labor accommodation buildings, Karmod expertise is with you. Karmod permanent or temporarylabor camp buildings needed in many areas from energy to mining, from road construction to airport construction, are preferred all over the world with their installation speed, usage ergonomics in difficult field conditions and completed project experiences. Let Karmod prepare your labor camp buildings required for your project with its expertise, and you just focus on your business.

You can visit our website for labor accommodation in dubai, labor accommodation in qatar and our other projects in dozens of regions around the world. You can view our products in detail from the e-catalog, and contact us about the issues you want to ask, about pricing and the order process or for more detailed information about the products.

Karmod Modular Container Is The İdeal For Labour Accommodation Camps

Flat pack containers are highly preferred as summer houses, as labor accommodation camp solutions in the construction sector, as modular hospitals or as field hospitals in the health sector,  for educational buildings in the education sector, in rural areas or in temporary / permanent housing established in emergency situations with their easy transportation feature, demounted production and economical prices.

Karmod flat pack containers, which are produced with 5 cm sandwich wall panels and 11 cm sandwich roof panels and with the new generation container technology without welding and with screws, have superior features from their counterparts from isolation to strength quality. The sandwich panel used in the wall panel and roof system of the containers provides high heat and sound insulation. Our containers, which are produced in 3×7 meters and nearly 20 ergonomically designed plan, provide ease of transportation with their combined and multi-storey practical installation. It is the most suitable solution for labor accommodation in the construction sites of large construction and infrastructure projects. It can be used in many areas such as executive office, sales office, dormitory, dining hall, WC and shower unit. Thanks to their demountable structure, they can be easily moved to another place after the project is completed.

They do not smell with the paint system used in its structure. The installation of our products produced with Karmod New Generation Container technology is completed easily in just 4 steps and in a very short time.

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