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Labor camps 

When it comes to prefabricated construction, as Karmod Prefabricated labor camp  technologies, we are aware of the influence of on site accommodation on projects and operations. So we offer latest technology products that guaranteed to meet your needs for you to finish your project. With more than 36 years of experience, Karmod Prefabricated labor camp  technologies provides cost-effective solutions for your need of prefabricated labor camp buildings. We love what we do and we continually implement more innovative and creative ideas in our products. We know that hard work comes from the comfort of the workplace. In line with this, we introduce our labor camps.

Karmod Labor Camps Combines Efficiency With Comfort

Our experience with prefabricated labor camps enables us to provide a complete service for you, from design to construction of the camp. Together with our expert team and solution partners, we can serve you in any condition you need. We set up fully functional camps in remote locations and different climates. We respond to their needs by establishing close relationships with our customers. For Staff Accommodation labor camps, the relationship we have established is very important in order to fully meet your special needs. We recommend you the most effective solution for your budget expectations and needs regarding accommodation camps.

Turnkey Construction an Camp Construction

All the labor camps we design and manufacture are in line with the special expectations of our customers. We are building the most efficient camps possible by meeting the personnel needs in the most effective way together with our team of experts in labor camp design around the world. Personnel requirements are not limited to the working conditions of the worker. In the camps, the comfort of the worker in the moment of rest after a standard working day is also very important in terms of productivity. It is possible for the staff to feel themselves as an indispensable part of a large organization with the relationship they establish with the environment they stay. As Karmod prefabricated technologies, we aim to make your staff feel that they are a part of your family. The layout and organization of the camps is also a factor affecting the quality of the workforce. We understand the high cost of working in remote remote locations for companies. Conventional camps conditions are quite difficult. In Staff Accommodation labor Camps, we both reduce the cost and provide an efficient working area. Each field of study has its own conditions. We plan all the necessary conditions at the design stage.

Best Quality construction Labor Camps

We know the general importance of the on site accommodation for the workforce. That is why our labor camps and site offices are specifically made for you and your employees’ needs for your project to progress in a healthy manner. Having installed numerous staff accommodation camps across the globe, we promise to provide exactly what you need. Labor camps in UAE, Dubai labor camps, labor camps in Qatar are just one of the few examples. Our staff accommodation services can come with mobile toiletsand showers containers, security huts and kitchen containers depending on your wish. All of our products are totally moveable and configurable.

Modular buildings for construction sites, Labor camps

This means that, without the need of infrastructure, they can be moved and even extended in the middle of the project with ease. Compared the traditional on site buildings, our labor camps are a modern solution for your staff accommodation needs. By having our camps installed, you can save highly expenses that can be a problem for the progress of your project. Karmod Labor Camps can also make you avoid project start up expenses by providing a comfort zone for your workforce from the start of your project.

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