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Labour camps are camps typically used for construction projects in remote areas. These camps have buildings where workers, technical personnel and anyone interested in the project can stay. These are buildings such as dining halls, dormitories, working offices, management offices, recreation rooms, kitchens, waste containers, security cabins. Prefabricated and container structures are the most preferred for each of these accommodation units and business areas. Because these structures are economical products that have many advantages. Especially in large construction projects, each cost item is important. For this reason, it is important that the buildings to be selected for accommodation units should be durable, useful and comfortable as well as economical.

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Prefabricated Modular buildings are the most suitable products for labour camps. They are produced in a factory environment. Thanks to their production in the factory environment, many obstacles in the construction site environment are not encountered. What are these obstacles?

For example, construction site environments are places affected by adverse weather conditions. A slight adverse weather condition could negatively affect the progress of the construction. Another obstacle is that construction site environments are more susceptible to occupational accidents. In addition to these, the inconsistency of the structures built in practice with the design is more common in construction site environments. Since modular structures are produced with computer aided production, theory and practice are more compatible in these buildings. Due to these and such obstacles, structures built in the construction site environment may also cause unexpected costs. However, in portable labour camp manufactured structures, the determined cost remains accurate until the delivery period.

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Cost is always important, but even more critical in large-scale construction projects. For this reason, low cost accommodation structures are required for worker camps. Karmod products are the best option for these camps. The most important issues for these camp structures are the quality of the buildings, the experience and expertise of the manufacturer, and the economy of the products. Karmod has the best of each of these issues. With 35 years of industry experience and expert teams, it analyzes your needs in the best way and produces the best structures for you. It has served dozens of different companies so far and successfully completed its projects in the shortest time. It improves itself every day by following the technology closely with the feedback it receives from the projects it has completed.

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One of the biggest advantages of modular labour camps is that they consist of portable structures. Construction site environments are places where everything can change at any time, sudden changes can be made and time is very important. For this reason, it is a great advantage that the structures are portable. Unwelded-production accommodation units can be easily moved from one place to another. Installation or relocation processes of accommodation units do not take long because they are easy to install.

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Production times are very short. In case of a sudden building need, you can build the building unit you want in a very short time. Karmod can support projects from all over the world. It can help you with its expertise at every stage of setting up a project from scratch. Thanks to the fact that we have completed dozens of different projects for many different sectors, we can provide you with consultancy on the requirements of your project, and with our experience, we can prevent the problems that may arise later on in your labor camps.

A broad catalogue of modular labour camp facilities allows Karmod to provide complete turnkey solutions catering for commercial, mining, military and humanitarian applications. We worked on many different projects from natural gas, oil, mining camp projects to airport, road and bridge projects. We have very strong references around the world. You can view our references and projects on our website. You can contact us for detailed information about our products.

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