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Prefab container accommodation, Mobile clinic covid19 and field hospital in Libya Education and Schools in Libya, Multi Level Hotel. Container Camps for Libya Benghazi, Tripoli. Following Gaddafi’s collapse, Libya also entered a recovery period. Along with this, infrastructure projects and construction projects were accelerated to meet the urgent needs caused by the great destruction caused by the war against Gaddafi. Libyan companies in need of ready to use libya containers to assist them in the reconstruction and restructuring process preferred Karmod. Karmod was exporting to Libya a few years ago and now proving its quality in Libya market, Karmod brand started exporting with Libya again. Export manager Metin Dağlı said, “We started to export to Libya with 130 prefabricated ready to use Libya containers

Libyan Port Hits Record for Container Unloading in 2022

These libya container buildings were produced specifically for the Libyan market to be used in infrastructure projects and construction site projects. The containers were produced in special dimensions of 3 x 9 meters, ready to use, each with two rooms and Toilet & shower containers, and shipped to Libya by sea.

In construction projects with long processes, there is a need for structures that can be built in a very short time, can be easily shipped, and can be easily transferred to another area when the usage period is over, for the shelter and other needs of technical personnel and workers. At the same time, being economical of these structures is one of the main requirements. Prefabricated and container structures, which have the advantage of economical price, easy transportation and production in a very short time, provide a great advantage in this regard. In addition to building projects, Libya container construction is a structure that can be preferred safely for a long time in hospitals, schools and different social facilities with their advantages.

The future governance structure of Libya’s container ports

The hygienic and healthy libya construction site containers, which are produced according to international standards, are much more useful than reinforced concrete structures in terms of ecology. They do not harm the environment they are in as much as reinforced concrete structures, they are environmentally friendly. Considering long-term construction projects, the use of these prefabricated and container structures in construction sites is also very advantageous in terms of ecology.

Another important issue is the quality of the materials used. Because, for example, the materials used in libya dining halls containers also affect the condition of the dishes to be found in the structure. Suitable quality materials should be used for important factors such as the absence of mold due to moisture and the food not spoiling easily. In addition, it is important to have a quality ventilation system for the health of both construction and dining hall personnel. Thanks to the ventilation systems in Karmod buildings designed and produced in international standards, moisture and mold formation in the interior is prevented. A hygienic and healthy environment is provided for both the staff and the food to be stored in the area to eat.

One of the issues that should be in Libya container houses and libya office containers is high heat and sound insulation. Compliance with all-season conditions provides much safer use in long-lasting projects. Karmod container structures are produced with 50 mm wall thickness and 125 mm roof sandwich panel thickness using the latest technology production systems. They have high heat and sound insulation. Libya prefabricated containers are produced with a seamless, screw and plug-in system. After being produced in the factory with its demounted feature, the structures packed from the sink to the windows, from the wall and roof panels to the water and electricity installation are easily shipped to all parts of the world by sea, road or air and easy installation is provided by our expert teams on site and delivered to you ready for use. For detailed information, you can contact us at any time.

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