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Libya Housing Projects

Karmod has executed many housing projects around the world including 1884 housing project established in Iraq and after it an agreement about big housing project in Libya is being finalized. First phase of the project will include 500 houses, and sample house has already been completed and installed by Karmod.

Karmod is now preferred for a large-scale Libya housing project

Karmod continues to deliver its products all over the world. The products of the company, which is preferred in very large and important projects, are now preferred for a large-scale Libya housing project. After Gaddafi, a restructuring process started as a result of a huge housing shortage in the region. Karmod prefabricated houses took their place among the preferred structures during the construction process. A large scale housing project has been carried out.  Public works minister of Lİbya visited our sample houses and received information from our teams. First, it was decided to produce 500 houses. During the visit and investigation, the cultural link between Turkey and Libya was also mentioned.

Modular structures are one of the best solutions for housing problems. Generally, container or prefabricated structures are preferred because of their useful, economical and durable structure. Karmod is an internationally preferred company for modular structures.

Major housing construction projects in Libya

Africa is one of the regions where we have signed the most projects. We have completed many different projects from libya housing project to school projects in that region in a very short time. These projects include both temporary and permanent structures. We have completed one of these projects in Congo. We completed the housing project with a total quantity of 57900 in 90 days. The project consists of 600 single-storey and 300 two-storey houses, and in total 900 houses. Single-storey houses are 51 square meters in size, two-storey houses are 91 square meters in size.

As Karmod, we serve many different sectors from libya housing project to different construction projects. We built a two-storey conference hall for the Jazeera Palace Hotel located in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. Located only 300 meters from Aden Abdulle International Airport, the hotel is a structure with 85 rooms and strategically important in many aspects. It hosts the embassies and diplomats of many countries. The hotel, where security comes first among the reasons to be preferred, is also preferred by famous business people. We used a conventional steel structure in the project where we work with great care from design to production and installation. We completed the 782 square meter conference hall project in 60 days.

Libya in An evaluation of low income housing project

Karmod structures, which are produced with safe production and offer safe use, have the advantage of production and use in a short time. You can choose our buildings in every area from daily homes to summer homes, from commercial buildings to school projects, from hospital constructions to construction site accommodation units. Among the areas of preference for our products, in addition to those mentioned above, there are also structures such as theater, conference hall and shopping centers. All of our products are guaranteed and long-lasting structures. They can be preferred for both temporary and permanent building needs.

We categorize our structures in 4 groups.

Libya in reconstruction Housing projects

Our prefabricated buildings include prefabricated housing projects, prefabricated construction site buildings, steel construction structures, prefabricated hospitals, schools.

Turkey is leading the way on reconstruction projects

Our container products include container houses (for housing project or summer houses etc), construction site structures, office containers, wc / shower containers, earthquake containers, waste containers.

Turkey to actively partake in Libya’s reconstruction

Karmod products are preferred worldwide in modular cabin production. They are preferred for many different purposes, from famous teams such as Manchester United to the structures of large construction projects. Guard cabin, fiberglass cabins, WC / shower cabinets, disinfectant portable cabins, security cabins are among our most preferred cabin products.

You can choose Karmod for your Libya housing project and your projects and building needs from all over the world. You can contact us at any time for detailed information. You can also view our projects and products in detail on our website.

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