Light gauge steel structure design – Light steel frame construction details

Light gauge steel buildings

The light gauge steel structure system is a type of structure where the structural elements are carrier (wall, floor) and produced by cold forming method from galvanized steel. Building elements produced under control and supervision on CNC machines in factories with machines with modern technology systems are brought to the construction site in a sheltered way and assembled. They have many advantages over traditional construction systems. Light gauge steel buildings can be used for any purpose. The purpose of use is very different, such as housing, school, hospital, warehouse, dormitory, hotel, and there are many examples of buildings that are made of steel and are currently in use.

Light Gauge Steel Frame Building Construction

The designs of light gauge steel frame buildings are designed according to permanent building specifications just like in reinforced concrete buildings. Calculations are made according to the load required to be carried. In addition, since they are significantly lighter than reinforced concrete, they are much less exposed to earthquake loads. This significantly increases the earthquake resistance compared to the reinforced concrete structure and makes these light gauge steel buildings products with light structure useful in earthquake zones. It provides the minimum economic life that a building should provide and can be used for much longer. In some aging tests performed only for the steel used, it has even been proven that light gauge steel frame buildings can maintain their strength for a period of 180 years.

Karmod steel homes are both economical and durable

Karmod, the industry leader in light gauge steel houses, currently manufactures shelters, garages, sheds and equestrian buildings, light steel villa houses. As a company that works in many different areas, from giant construction projects to luxurious light steel villa houses that enable individual home ownership thanks to its wide product range, we aim high customer satisfaction and high production quality. As a company that has been working diligently for our goals for 35 years, we are proud to have taken part in nearly 135 countries with our structures and continue to take place.

If you want to be a house owner for a long time and cannot find the opportunity for various reasons, you can own a house with very low costs in a very short time with Karmod steel homes. Affordable steel frame homes are  friend of your health and human life with its budget-friendly, quality and long-lasting structure at affordable prices. The houses, which allow you to own a house within weeks from the moment you order, are earthquake resistant, can be used in all seasons and have high insulation.

Best For Your Health And Budget: Light Gauge Steel Frame Buildings

Since 1986, we offer cost-effective engineering solutions to customers worldwide. Our aim is to provide you with efficient engineering solutions of the highest standard. Thanks to our expert knowledge and experience in structural engineering, we not only provide an in-depth understanding of project-related issues, but also a comprehensive understanding of key industry issues crucial to the successful completion of each project.

Light steel villa houses are among our most preferred buildings. Light gauge steel buildings, prepared by Karmod’s expert designers and engineers, offer comfortable living spaces in functional use with their plans. You will find comfort, quality and incomparable price advantages in light gauge steel buildings produced with weldless screw system technology. Light steel villa houses allow you to have luxurious and comfortable houses with affordable prices. You can contact us for more detailed information about our homes. You can view our models in detail on our website. You can choose the most suitable living space for yourself, whether single-storey or multi-storey.

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