Affordable housing in Africa – The cheapest house in Africa in 2022

Low Cost Housing Africa

Low cost housing Africa includes construction methods that will help people with more low incomes to meet their accommodation needs in the best way. One of the other usage purposes is to construct structures that allow people to stay in a short time in collective housing projects built for people who are victims of natural disasters, wars or other undesirable situations. All over the world, such low-cost houses are built for different purposes. Prefabricated and container products are generally used among low cost housing Africa structures. Since these structures are produced unwelded with the modular system, their production and installation is easy.

Thoughtful design, high quality Low cost multi-family residences in Africa

Karmod Prefabricated Housing Technologies was established in 1986 in Turkey. Since its establishment, it has contributed to different projects in every continent and every corner of the world and has realized building constructions in record time. The product range is very wide. The company, where you can find everything about a structure, can offer you solutions in a short time for your every need. It also gives you confidence with its thousands of references.

When making a selection before ordering, it analyzes your needs in the most accurate way and offers you the most accurate building solution for you. The site not only provides sales but also consultancy. In the problems you encounter after the order, it tries to help you solve your problem as soon as possible with its professional after-sales teams. One of the countries where it operates is Africa. When it comes to low cost housing Africa, Karmod works are one of the companies that come to mind. It has been involved in many different projects from service buildings to accommodation units.

Low Income Housing and Low cost Apartment in Africa

Low cost housing Africa is among the places that are very wide in terms of surface area. Karmod has worked in many different African countries and contributed to different projects. It carried out one of the low cost housing Africa projects in Madagascar. It built a power generation plant here. Composed of 4 separate buildings and a total of 1911 square meters, it completed and delivered the work in only 1 month. The installation of the products manufactured with Karmod modular systems is also carried out by Karmod at the place of delivery. The installation of this power plant project, which was completed in a period of 1 month, was also completed within a few days. It is estimated that the structures, which are completed with careful thought, will be used for at least 20 years.

Another of the low cost housing Africa projects is worker camps. Karmod is among the most preferred companies for the construction of many worker camp structures needed in the African region. Karmod was preferred in the labor camps of the mine construction in Tanzania, located in the Middle East region of Africa. It completed the project, which has a total area of ​​180 square meters, in only 8 days.

Affordable/Low-Income Housing in Africa

Low cost housing Africa are structures that enable many low-income people to own houses easily and quickly. Buildings that are ideal for mass housing, disaster housing, refugee camps can have the quality that can be used not only temporarily but also permanently for many years thanks to the development of technology. Karmod, which has been in the prefabricated sector for 35 years and adds value to the sector with its works, has made thousands of people home owners with its prefabricated houses. It is also possible to build very luxurious and comfortable living spaces with prefabricated houses. Among our dozens of house models, there may be a luxury and comfortable summer house, a vineyard house or a house model you will use for your daily permanent living space. You should not decide to buy a house without looking at the Low cost housing Africa models prepared with expert teams and superior sector experience! The houses that enchant you with their quality and aesthetic appearance will surprise you with their prices.

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