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Low cost housing project in Pakistan

Karmod, a company that primarily produces low-cost housing for developing countries in the world, was founded in 1986. With the support of the Pakistani government, producing low-cost prefabricated affordable housing for the rural poor and providing them with home ownership. With a housing accumulation of 10 million houses and a housing shortage of 300,000 houses per year, the low cost housing need of the government and people in Pakistan is huge. Along with the current housing shortage, inflation and the rising trend in material and material costs make home ownership even more out of reach for the average Pakistani each year. Pakistani government low-cost housing finance is particularly underdeveloped, with only 1,650 new mortgages issued annually, the vast majority of which are offered to middle- and high-income borrowers.

Through Karmod Housing Company we can do affordable housing projects in these 4 states, Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Having produced hundreds of affordable homes that have so far been completed in 130 countries around the world, karmod has had significant success in developing an agreement to provide mortgages to its customers with the economic support of the Pakistani government, and many of them are now taking these mortgages, and establishing one of Pakistan's first employee-owned ones. Housing projects with Karmod, we also think that the Pakistani government will support its own people with affordable housing.

Building Low Cost Housing for Families in Pakistan

Over the past 35 years, we have worked across pakistan to help more than 25 million people live in better conditions. Karmod is a very good housing manufacturer, creating strength, stability and self-confidence through affordable housing and sanitary facilities. Our vision is to create a world where every family has a good home to live in. Established in 1986, Karmod is one of the largest manufacturers of affordable housing in the Africa, Asia-Pacific region. We are a Turkish company currently operating in affordable social housing in more than 130 countries. It was established in Turkey by Karmod, which developed the concept of affordable housing. Working with people of all backgrounds, races and religions in Pakistan to jointly build affordable homes for the people of Pakistan with families in need. The Pakistani Government is working to close this blatant housing gap between the rich and the poor in an ambitious initiative that promises to provide "affordable housing for all" by the end of 2023.

Producing Low cost housing for Low Income Families in Pakistan

Affordable housing developers and analysts in Pakistan say the plan has yielded mixed results so far, but they believe the government is committed to supporting the affordable segment of the property market at a time when the broader industry continues to struggle. “It is true that there have not been as many real estate and affordable social housing developers and projects as expected in this segment so far,” says Karmod, an industrial enterprise and manufacturer. developer. “The good news is that more and more real estate affordable housing developers are starting to work on projects in this segment. Ideally, if everything goes well, if the government makes the necessary housing investment as soon as possible, the housing problem in the country will be solved in a short time. Karmod prefabricated housing manufacturer sahaibi launched its "affordable housing for all" initiative three years ago, and two plans have emerged so far to help achieve this goal. Pakistan's government's 2022 budget aims to revive the slowing economy, if the economy improves in the country, housing production in different regions will be produced quickly and the people of Pakistan will become homeowners.

Very Useful, Comfortable And Pretty Holiday Home

A living space where you can feel the peace and renew yourself during the weekends and daily holidays in the chaos, fatigue of daily life… This pretty prefabricated house, which is very useful and accessible with its small structure and affordable price, consists of a living room, a bathroom and 2 bedrooms. Also it is environmentally friendly and very durable under favour of its innovative and top quality materials used in its production.

Karmod, the leader of the ready-made construction sector, produces prefabricated buildings that have unique features with its superior technology in its integrated facilities. In a short time, you can have your dream and comfortable holiday home with Karmod difference. Contact us for detailed information.

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