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Low Income Housing Africa

When people look for a house, there is a few factors to be evaluated. These are price, durability, design, appearance… etc. With these, construction time is very important too. Buying or building a house with the traditional construction methods became difficult. Because the traditional construction methods such as reinforced concrete can be very expensive and their construction times can be so long. Modular buildings having pre-production feature are very good option for people who look for durable houses with economic prices. Karmod prefab technologies company produces durable, economic and also energy efficen

t houses with modern modular construction methods. From low income housing Africa to Europe, Karmod can produce and deliver any building you want to anywhere all the world.

Building Technologies Spurring Affordable Housing in Africa

Affordable low income prefabricated houses can be used for both individual building need and commercial need. For a summer house with aesthetic and modern appearance and affordable prices, Affordable Housing in Africa are very good option. With their features they offer so many advantages. For example because they are produced in a factory, there won’t be any raw material waste. Also when you prefer traditional methods, the plan you want and the construction don’t always match. But in modular buildings that are produced in a computer aided factory, there will be a compatibility between construction and plan. One of the advantages these houses have is very short production and installation time. They can be produced and installed in only weeks. And Affordable Housing in Africa can be started to use immeadiately after they are installed.

Social housing projects Africa

Africa is one of the locations Karmod carries on a business. From the social housing Africa to tourism housing project in Africa, Karmod completed so many projects for different sectors. One of these projects is tourism housing project in Sierra Leone. Sierre Leona is a region that is famous for its lions and diamond mine and it is located in West Africa. The house we produced will be used in tourism sector. We run this project at the capital of Sierra Leona, Freetown.

We used new generation prefab technology in this project. Thanks to their fast production, easy transportation and fast installation features, the houses were ready for use in a short time. In the first step, three example houses were built. Also these houses we produced for tourism sector, were designed considering tropical climate. This is one of the advantages that prefab houses have. They can be designed in different structures according to the climatic conditions of the region or earthquake risk of the region. Karmod, one of the Africa’s social prefab housing companies, produces all products in accordance with climate and other regional conditions. Some of the technical specifications of our low income housing Africa:

  • They are suitable for even first degree earthquake zone.
  • Non combustible, flameproof or low risk of burning materials are used in their production.
  • Their production time and installation time are very short.

Urbanisation and housing challenges in Sub Saharan Africa

Karmod is company that has more than 36 years experience in its area of activity. In these years, we worked with so many companies that are from different industries. Construction, medical or education are only some of them. With our wide range of products we can meet your every building need. For affordable low income prefab housing Africaprefabricated modular buildings Ethiopia or other building need, you can contact Karmod teams. 

Our range of products:

  • Prefabricated houses
  • Container houses
  • Light Steel Houses
  • Modular Cabins (Sales Cabins, Security Cabins, Office Cabins,…)
  • Portable Wc and Shower Cabins
  • Construction Site Buildings (from dormitories to dining halls, all inclusive!)
  • Modular Schools
  • Modular Hospitals

For more information about our products, you can visit our web site or you can contact us.

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