How to get low-income housing fast – Light steel frame home system

Low Income Public Housing

People who have low income are waiting for years to have a house. But with Low income prefab housing, being a home owner is easier now! So, what is prefab home? As the name suggest, “pre-fabricated” houses are produced in a factory before they are installed. They are not “built” they are produced. What are the benefits of being produced in a factory for a building? When the buildings are built in a construction site, construction time may be longer. While they are being built, the environment is damaged. There will be both environmental and noise pollution. Also insulation is expensive for reinforced concrete buildings. But in low income public prefab housing and light steel frame system, isolating membranes are used. As Karmod, we use stone wool insulation in our light steel prefab housing.

Factory-Built Housing for Affordability, Efficiency, and Resilience

In our products’ purlins, we use galvanic. Our ready-made Low Income Public Housing are earthquake proof with its durable panels and structure. The active ground acceleration coefficient of our houses is 0,40. They can be used for third degree earthquake zone. In addition to that, we can make production special fo the location according to our customer’s demand. Thermal insulation coefficient of exterior walls is 0.45 Kcal/m²hC. Thermal insulation coefficient of interior walls is 0.44 Kcal/m²hC. Steel that is galvanized by zinc plating is used for light steel material. The stone wool material is A1 Class non combustible or A2 Class that do not contribute to fire load and fire development. You can safely use our ligh steel houses all over the world.

Low Income public prefab housing and light steel frame system

Light steel frame system can be preferred for low income public housing projects. Public housing projects have a big importance from many perspectives. Low Income Public Housing projects are run by non-profit organizations or government agencies. This kind of projects can be designed for refugee camps, people who have low income or projects designed after natural disasters. Generally time is limited in these projects. Buildings that are produced in a factory and have economic prices are the best option for these projects.

Also these buildings are enviromentally friendly. When this kind of buildings are preferred, the environmental damage can be minimised. With these and more advantages, prefab and light steel houses are used all over the world. African countries are major locations. Karmod run low income public prefabricated housing africa projects more than one. You can look in detail our africa projects on our official web site and you can get in contact with our teams about our products.

Karmod is a prefab building technologies company. It has been founded in 1986. Its products are prefab buildings from work camps buildings to ready-made houses, containers, steel houses, modular cabins… It is one of the leading expert companies in its field. It has strong references. It has carried out so many projects that have a big importance.

Affordable Public Housing, energy-efficient modular & manufactured

One of the best advantages that prefab homes offer is economic prices. As we mentioned before time is limited in the refugee camps projects or social housing projects. In addtion to that, budgets is limited too. Because this kind of projects are run by generally non-profit organizations or governments. Low Income Public Prefab Housing provide convenience in terms of price. In a short time, at very economic prices, buildings where hundreds of people can stay are produced and installed.

For Nigeria home or other locations all over the world, Low Income Public Prefab Housing africa and other countries all over the world, you can contact our teams. We would glad to give service to you. If you have any problem while you are using our products, we are also with you via our after sales teams.

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