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Malawi housing corporation

We’re experts at using the prefab housing system to create cost-effective, imaginative, energy-efficient, modern Malawi housing corporation with space-savvy layouts and high-quality materials.

Low cost house constuction Malawi

At Karmod, we understand the value of great architecture and work with residential architects Karmod to design outstanding Malawi housing corporation that best suit the needs of our Malawi clients.Prefabricated social housing At Karmod, we understand the value of great architecture and work with residential architects Karmod to design outstanding prefabricated social homes that best suit the needs of our Malawi clients.

With four ranges to choose from, our pre-designed homes by Karmod Malawi housing corporation offer a variety of styles and finishes to suit all of your needs.
Pre-designed modular social housing include a well-designed, thoughtful floor plan, as well as joinery, taking care of all the decision making for you.
This type of home can be purchased as is or customised to suit individual requirements. Take a look through the following styles available or view some of our latest designs in progress.

The low cost social housingneed in Malawi

These houses are characterized by mud walls and grass thatched roofs and the families in these social housing units live with little hope of ever being able to afford a decent house. To meet the current housing demand, Anchored by the conviction that safe and affordable Malawi housing corporation provides a path out of poverty.

Expanding our affordable housing solutions in Malawi

Karmod Malawi housing corporation provides fully subsidized prefabricated houses and sanitation facilities to orphans and other vulnerable groups, including persons with disabilities, in rural communities. We advocate for increased access to land and housing, and promote policies and systems that increase access to decent housing for vulnerable and low-income groups in Malawi.

Container Houses You Must See in Malawi

Karmod Malawi housing corporation was established in 1986 by Turkey Istanbul stemming from a love of alternative container structures. His experience with traditional fine Malawi housing corporation resulted in a feeling of inadequacies so he made it his mission to refine those challenges by utilizing container homes. The benefits are amazing, not to mention nearly indestructible!

Karmod’s history of quality custom Malawi housing corporation combined with high standards of construction will provide you with just the right full-time home, vacation cabin, rental or even business property. Most of our floor plans are “Certified Manufactured Malawi housing corporation.” This means strict codes are followed, that will ease your ability for financing and municipality approvals.

Karmod Malawi housing corporation is passionate about making your dreams come true by creating a totally unique modular container house that fits your lifestyle. Simply choose from any of the container home floor plans and then select the custom options you’d like: siding type and color, flooring, cabinets, countertops, lofts, kitchens, bathrooms and more!

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