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Man Camp Housing

Karmod prefab modular buildings manufactures modular man camp buildings for oil field man camps, remote workforce housing and bunkhouses.Karmod modular man camp building is a top provider of workforce man camp housing man camps across the World. Prefab modular man camp buildings, Oil Field Man camp Housing and worker man camp housing in remote locations. Over 36 years experience in oil & gas, minerary, military, humanitarian sectors. Karmod Buildings manufactures modular man camp buildings for oil field man camps, remote workforce man camp housing and bunkhouses. This is necessary for many industries including mining and pipeline construction. Man Camps. Many times mining, oil and gas exploration, construction, and other activities take place in remote areas of the world.

Man Camp Housing & Oil Field Housing

With the technologic developments, transformation and progress are being take place in every sector. Various structures have been designed as an alternative for traditional building methods. Because the traditional methods have disadvantages and features that prevent many projects from being completed on time. Man Camp Buildings are being designed as an alternative to reinforced concrete buildings provide so many ease in projects. Especially there are being a very good alternative about time and money.

Modular Workforce camp Housing have a wide usage area. They can be used as a house, office, construction site buildings, schools, hospitals…

Karmod has been established in 1985. Since its foundation, it design and produce modular buildings. It builds portable man camps, Modular Workforce camp Housing, prefabricated houses, offices and prefabricated camp and container buildings. Also Karmod is one of the manufacturer of man camp builders.

Oilfield Man Camp Homes and Temporary Workforce Housing

Do you have a dream of summer house in a green area? Do you want to a home owner in an economic way? Do you want to have a house without waiting for months? But also do you want that the house you want should be durable and long-lasting? Prefabricated man camp are the ideal buildings for this. A man camphousing is designed in a computer environment, then produced in a factory environment. They are produced as demounted and assembled on site.

Karmod has man camp buildings models for everyone. Among these models there are so many different prefab house model that are suitable for every budget and wish. You can prefer different coatings according to your wish. All of Karmod prefab houses are earthquake and fire resistant. We use certified and high quality materials in our buildings. There are one storey and two storey prefab houses among our models. You can look in details to them from our official web site. You can contact us for detailed information about every building we produce.

Man Camps & Workforce Housing

Prefabricated offices are Modular Workforce man camp housing that can be used for commercial purposes. If you want to have a temporary information cabin, work office, security cabin, school cabins and etc, prefabricated offices can help you. Especially for temporary solutions, they provide so much convenience. After you place an order, we immediately send your prefab offices to anywhere you want all over the world from our product stocks that are ready for your service. We produced prefabricated office for one of the world’s leading football clubs. Manchester United Football Club preferred Karmod cabins for its store. You can look in details on our official web site.

Man Camp Housing & Oil Field Man camp Housing

One of the areas Man Camp Housing are preferred is construction site buildings. Construction sites are toilsome and complex places. Modular buildings are needed in these areas. Prefabricated construction site buildings are portable. For this reason, they provide ease in the construction sites. They can be use for both temporary and permanent need of building.

We use sandwich panel system in our construction site buildings. They have high insulation, they reduce maintanence cost and allow you to save energy. You can use them even in 1st degree earthquake zone. Our construction site buildings are all inclusive. We produce portable wc, shower, dining halls, dormitories, work offices, meeting rooms, labs, rest rooms and everything you need.

Other Prefabricated Buildings

Man Camp Housing are very useful buildings. They can be preferred for every building need. Along with houses, offices and construction site buildings they can be used also as educational buildings, hospitals, waste containers, storages. They are very suitable for especially rural areas. Medical services and educational services can be given easier and in a shorter time with these portable prefab structures.

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