Mass housing and Innovative affordable housing solutions

Mass housing projects

With evolution of technology, construction projects have been developed. Very advanced and luxurious mass housing project are designed and built. As Karmod we built so many different housing projects from mass housing project to lux villa housing projects. Mass housing is a construction method helping middle or low income people to have a house. With mass housing project, people can a home owner more easily. In the past, reinforced concrete buildings can be preferren more. But now modular buildings are more preferred. Because reinforced concrete buildings have so many disadvantages. They are not economic, their construction time is so long, harmony of theoretical plan and practical is much less than modular buildings. They are not enviromentally friendly, their maintenance costs are too much.

World’s Most Impressive Mass Housing Projects

Mass housing projectsin africa, america and europe help homeless people, low or middle income people to own a house. They are economic, their installation time is short, their maintenance costs are more economic. With developed coating technology, their look is preserved for a long time like in their first day. Also mass housing project in Africa, America or Europe is used the mass housing project built after disasters like earthquake, flood or war etc.

As Karmod, we try to imrove ourselves day by day. We follow new technological developments. We have engineers and architects that are expert in their fields. Now, Karmod products are being used in more than 130 countries all over the world. We are one of the fastest in the world.

Mass housing, Low cost housing, High density housing

We completed one of our mass housing project in Iraq. We design, produced and built 1884 housings in only 7 months. There were 900 mass housing project within the project. We used prefabricated building model in that project. You can look the details of the project on our web site.

We built a mass housing construction site project in Uzbekistan. We used new generation container model in our project. Two storey 16-person capacity building that has 140 square meters area has been built in only 7 days by Karmod expert team.

We can design, produce, transport and install African mass housing project in Nigeria Abuja and anywhere you want all over the world. We have computer-aided production system. In Karmod modern production facilities, all buildings are produced by being checked at so many production processes. They are produced and transported in international quaility standards. They are produced as demounted and their installation are made on site. If you have a problem about our buildings, we immediately help you and solve your problem with our after sales teams.

Innovative mass housing will be produced for middle-income people

Karmod is a company that designs and manufactures mass housing for every sector from construction to health. Among its products, there are light steel prefabricated mass housing project, ready container houses, container buildings used in different areas and for different purposes, modular cabins used for security, wc, shower, sales office and work office etc, hospital buildings, education buildings, construction site buildings…

Best & Affordable Housing Projects in wolds

  • Fast produce
  • Fast installation
  • Professionel after sales support
  • Strong references
  • 35-years experience
  • Affordable, durable, fire and earthquake proof, safe, environmentally friendly buildings

Karmod has a building for everyone. We have lux one and two storey prefabricated house models for those want to have a house in a short time. We have prefab and container buildings for those need construction site projects, mass housing project… We have modular cabins for those want to have securtiy cabin, sales cabin, work office, information cabin, wc or shower cabin… You can contact us for mass housing project Tanzanian and everywhere.

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