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Low Cost Mass Housing – Rethinking The Future.  This low-income mass housing not only caters to a distinctive set of dwellers, the mahouts and the elephants, but it also makes a conscious effort in creating a symbiotic relationship between the built and the regenerated landscape in the site. The mass housing units are disintegrated relatively throughout the site in sets of four, With leading positions in all regions of the world and a balanced portfolio between developing and mature markets, Karmod offers a broad range of high-quality prefab modular building solutions. As the world’s global leader in building solutions, Karmod is reinventing how the world builds to make it greener, smarter and healthier for all. On its way to becoming a net zero company, Karmod offers global solutions such as prefab Mass housing, enabling carbon-neutral construction. With its circular business model, the company is a global leader in recycling waste as a source of energy and raw materials through products like Karmod, its leading circular cement. Innovation and digitalization are at the core of the company’s strategy, with more than half of its R&D projects dedicated to greener solutions. Karmod’s 300 employees are committed to improving quality of life across more than 130 markets through its four business segments:

Real-world Mass housing solutions – A Better Home buying Experience

The past experiences of the South African people have caused temporary mass housing or shelters to be identified with the concept of home. Various projects have been tried for a long time to eliminate poverty in the city. It has a well-established concept for people living in rural areas far from the city. In urban life,Mass housing needs have also varied depending on the increasing population.

In line with the Mass housing need, the government has produced temporary solutions, along with the demands from the city people. However, mass housing constructions are high-cost works that require a certain professional discipline. It takes a long time to build and requires a stable state policy. Community initiatives and support have had a positive impact on state policy. However, only non-government organization attempts are not sufficient.

World’s Most Impressive Mass Housing Projects

Low cost mass houses are recommended as a solution to urbanization problems all over the world. Low cost houses contain many models and systems. There are many different solutions for mass housing systems, but none of them offer as effective results as low-cost mass housing. It is also used as a low-cost mass housing project solution in South Africa. The rate of urbanization in Africa is very high. Karmod builds large-scale and affordable mass housing with its solution partners in Africa. The construction processes are carried out jointly with the government and local governments. After South Africa, other African countries also lean towards low-cost mass housing projects.  The low cost is the most important advantage for the mass housing program. It is also preferred because of its rapid production and its ability to be shaped in accordance with all kinds of land. There are different construction cultures from different countries of the world. Different natural conditions and differences in the interpretation of the concept of “home” have caused differences and variations in the construction culture. However, rapidly increasing urbanization has brought the necessity of living together. Urban culture has become a common culture for people on different continents. Nevertheless, even if it differs according to natural conditions, similar structures have been started to be built in terms of design.

New mass housing will make many families affordable housing owners

Our Modular Mass Homes are made to be the answer for the rising demand of cost-efficient and quality accommodation. They are specifically made to be very cost-efficient and durable to meet the constant need of mass housing in South Africa. Because our prefabricated mass home panels are made with latest technology in construction industry, our prefabricated mass housing can withstand every natural and other disasters. Karmod Prefabricated Mass Housing are made as a response to social prefab mass housing in South Africa, no matter the location, the duration of the occupation of our modular mass Housing are significantly high. Also, we provide full support during the lifetime of our products. Likewise, Karmod Prefabricated Mass housing are capable of withstanding any terrain occupies, which makes them ideal for Mass housing globally. Portability of our products is one of the main reasons why they are so cost-effective. Thanks to this portability feature, they can be installed very quickly. They can also be customized, extended, reduced or even moved depending on our clients’ wish. Karmod Prefab Mass housing are, thanks to its environment friendly process of production, eco-friendly. We consider all kinds of humanitarian measures and respect all communities that our work is placed in. Whether during the installation or during the occupation of our prefabricated mass homes, we work carefully to not to disturb our surroundings and environment. As Karmod Prefabricated Mass Housing Technologies, we are constantly developing. Both in technologies and service manners, we are working hard with our research and development team to provide the best service possible in the industry we operate in.

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