Military and Army Camp Containers and Housing Projects

Military & Army Containers

Our Military and Army containers are designed to be assembled quickly & easily by inexperienced personnel & can usually be installed within hours, & ready for use! No foundations, no concrete footers nor slabs are needed and our shelters are considered temporary shelter’s and/or equipment. Turkeys troops have used our military containers, base camps, emergency & disaster relief shelter-tents that are custom made or pre-fabricated/pre-engineered for wind and snow loads. Karmod is an internationally proven company that supplies military institutions, government institutions and private companies around the world. Karmod offers services tailored to the specific requirements of army use. For special military applications carried out under difficult conditions, we produce Army containers for military specifically for each project. Along with our standard structures, special sizing can also be made according to the request of our customers. The accommodation units, sanitary installations, gensets, laboratories or switchgear we supply for you can can also be used in harsh climatic conditions and are long-lasting structures.

Karmod military containers are a safe and fast installation solution for building needs for military use. Our mobile military and army containers are specially designed considering the security expectations of both national armies and international military pact troops and are produced with innovative container construction technologies. Special production is made for all structural needs of the units affiliated to the land forces, air forces or naval forces.

We also manufacture turnkey army container to be used in certain areas of frigates and aircraft carriers to store materials such as military equipment and ammunition.

Main Features Of Karmod Army Containers: High Building Safety, Fast Production And Installation

High building safety, high durability in all climatic conditions, production in a very short time and fast installation on the field are the main features of Karmod buildings. Also when we’re manufacturing special military and army containers, we pay special attention to privacy conditions. The wall and roof panels of Karmod’s containers used as mobile military shelter systems are double-sided sandwich panel system. Panels with a specially painted camouflage pattern paint in different color tones in nature are used on the outer surfaces of the panel.

Among the structures that Karmod produces for national armies, military units and other army shelter projects are military container offices. Starting from the smallest unit, the police station, to the main headquarters buildings of military units such as troops, tabor regiments, brigades, divisions, military structures of the desired standards are installed and delivered to you. Container office buildings ensure that the urgent building needs of military units are met in a short time thanks to their production and installation in a very short time.

Karmod Army Containers For Military Are The World’s Choice

Karmod new generation army containers for military have been preferred by the Turkish Armed Forces as well as the national armies of many countries such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, Congo, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar and Somalia. The 125 mm thick sandwich panel used on their roofs is unique in the world. This system makes the building very superior in terms of insulation values. With the special clamping system used on the roof, the structure does not need an extra roof and has a leak proof feature. Indoor air conditioning is easily provided with the help of air conditioning and provides energy savings of up to 60% compared to similar ones. Long lock and double double glazing are used for full closing of the windows.

In addition to Army and military shelters projects, Karmod also produces mobile medical facilities. From emergency units to hospital polyclinics, from intensive care units to field hospitals, Karmod produces sterile, healthy and useful health areas. We can produce any area that a hospital may need in a very short time and with the highest quality.

Choose Karmod. Be one step ahead by providing both fast and practical supply in the building needs of your military units. Choose Karmod for all kinds of projects from health to army. Have safe, highly durable, economical and useful structures.

From our website, you can browse our mobile military and army shelters and containersand the projects we have realized.

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