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Military camps

Military camps are the places having critical importance. They affect the future of your country and the life of thousands of people working in military. Because of that, everything in these camps have critical importance too. Karmod builds high-tech, modern and very useful prefabricated or container modular army camps. These camps have everything needed for a military.

Karmod military camp buildings are:

Mining accommodation camps

Portability is one of the most important things for work or military camps. Portability provides ease at both production, installation and usage processes. If you prefer the portable buildings for a short time periods, yoou can hide them after the completion of your projects. You can rent them or sell them if you want. For both affordable and durable military portable camps, Karmod is the right place.

Mining camp, Portable Cabins, Prefab containers

The buildings that are used for a military camp is of vital importance. So if these buildings are not durable enough, it does not matter how much their prices are, how much modern look they have, how much easiness they provide both production or installation etc. All of these make sense if the military camp buildings are durable. All Karmod military shelters are durable and long-lasting. We produce buildings suitable for every location all around the world and every climatic conditions.

Prefabricated Modular Army Barracks Military Container Camp

Military Container Camp Technology is developing and changing from day to day. If you can follow the development about technology on a regular basis, you can easily fall behind the times. As Karmod, we follow closely and on a regular basis the technological developments. With these developments, we always aim to improve ourselves and we work with people who try to improve themselves. All Karmod buildings are the product of a high-tech production. They are in rapport with army technology.

Construction Site Camp Container House for Military

One of the most important things for a building is ergonomics. All buildings should be suitable for human health. For a useful and healthy living area or workspaces that contribute to productivity, ergonomics is an obligatory condition. Karmod combines ergonomics with practicality and quality. We produce high tech and ergonomic comfortable buildings. Karmod buildings offer comfortable living and working areas when they have durable structures.

Nigeria Borno Portable cabin Military Camp Buildings

As Karmod, we completed so many modular military camps all around the world. We completed one of these camps at Nigeria. Borno is a place that becomes a current issue because of conflicts. We installed military camp buildings that are special for the use of senior officers in the national army of the country. One of the attention-grabbing features of this project is that it is a region with high security risk where conflicts are taking place. We use new generation container model for this important project.

Karmod Nigeria Office completed the pre-production of the project and fully demounted container model was used. Karmod Fully Demounted Container Model offers larger interiors according to its competitors. Within the scope of the Nigeri Military Establishment Project, 20 3×7 new generation container unites were prepared that have fully demounted system.

Modular Military Camp and Barracks

2 military officers will stay at each of military container units that is 21 square meters. There are two seperate rooms and wc shower units in the container buildings. The other important and prominent thing is Monguno Container Military Camp project is solar energy power plant implementation where there are 150w solar panels. There is one 150w solar panel at the every unit in the camp area. Because the installation place is so remote from the central residential area, energy need of the camp will be meet by way of these panels. For high-tech, durable, fast-production and fast-installation military camp buildings, choose Karmod!

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