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With Mobile office from Karmod , you can create individual and specially adapted mobile office space within a very short time. Extensions to conventional buildings are also easily achievable due to the flexible panel system. You determine the required floor space and equipment and we deliver the right space solution. Here you will find all the important information to help you find the perfect space solution – from the dimensions of a Mobile office for sale to financing options!

From single mobile office trailers to large multi-unit complexes, we have the largest fleet of temporary offices to meet your exact needs. As a leading provider of mobile offices and portable jobsite trailers, Karmod Shelters understands your need for a fast and reliable workspace. Get the best deals on Modular & Prefabricated Construction mobile office Trailers when, Karmod has a large selection of mobile office trailers for sale. Mobile office buildings and modular buildings for sale with quick delivery and easy installation and You can browse through our inventory for sale of mobile offices and containers.
The layout of the building provides for office work

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Mobile Offices & Portable Office Trailers

Looking for an office space? A modular mobile office is ideal. Our specialized company Karmod Modular Mobile Office is engaged in the production of modular mobile offices using the latest innovative technologies of frame construction.

What are prefabricated offices? This is actually a full-fledged building that will provide you with the required number of jobs without being tied to searching and renting premises. They are especially convenient for small companies or setting up branches of a large company in the area of ​​your interest. Often, mobile offices made of containers serve as a temporary representation, for example, when installed on a construction site, they can accommodate sales managers of the object. Other options for using such structures are also diverse:

  • Temporary residences of political parties or public organizations in the desired area.
  • Stores or representative offices where it will be possible to arrange a full-fledged work.
  • Election headquarters.
  • Office space for employees in remote locations, such as outside urban areas, where there is no way to buy or rent commercial property.
  • Own work areas at open events or large-scale expositions, when you need to temporarily accommodate staff.
  • An office building in an area where it is technically impossible to build a capital structure.

Mobile Offices & Mobile Office Trailers

The construction of a modular mobile office involves fixing the cladding to the metal frame with the latest materials. Also, our specialists carry out interior decoration, wall insulation, install windows and doors from high-quality metal-plastic. The mobile modular office is then ready for use.

Among other things, high-class craftsmen will equip a modular mobile office with utilities, so that it will be possible to install all the necessary types of office equipment, from computers to a microwave oven, etc.

The mini office can be used as a place for presentations, negotiations and meetings.

The prefabricated container block for an mobile office will be fully adapted for the comfort of employees: we carry out insulation, installation of ventilation and air conditioning equipment, pay attention to every detail, from the arrangement of workplaces to the allocation of a recreation area.

Offices in Mobile – We Support Your Business

Designing prefabricated structures far beyond imagination for more than 35 years, Karmod Prefabricated Technologies is one of the leading companies in prefabricated buildings industry. Our ever expanding team of experts is one of the core reasons of our success that is because we attach great importance to promoting innovation and new ideas in our workplace.

From office containers and other site accommodation services to mobile offices and mobile guard shacks, our wide array of practical modular mobile office buildings is designed to provide what you need but able to do much more. As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we are aware of the hardships of starting out a large scale or small scale project both financially and mentally.

Mobile office buildings – Promptly available at any time

That is why we are specialized in providing and designing practical, comfortable and cost-efficient modular mobile office buildings that are fit for your needs. All of our buildings contain the core elements of a normal prefabricated mobile office building, but they are designed to do much more. They are practical, portable, durable, affordable and configurable, meaning, they are designed to endure brutal environments as well as natural or man-made disasters, they can be transferred from one place to another with ease even without deinstalling because of their practicality and portability feature and they can have their entire interior, exterior, roof, etc. customized depending on your choice while still maintaining their most important feature, cost-efficiency.

As Karmod Prefabricated Technologies, we share mutual respect between our clients as we believe that is another core reason why we are preferred among other companies in this industry for more than 35 years. We also believe in constant development and work hard to constantly improve our services and upgrade our products.

Increase Your Productivity with Karmod Mobile Offices

A construction project is not just about building that mobile offices. Multiple factors such as project planning, logistics, workforce affect the project process. There should also be offices for managerial personnel, such as public accommodation units in construction sites. It is known by everyone that accommodation units are a must for projects in remote areas. Since the workers cannot return to their homes during the project, they have to stay in the project area.

The quality of this accommodation also increases labor productivity. The fact that all the staff feel at home despite being in a remote area supports their belonging to the project. Mass accommodation camps are used in many industries such as mining, oil refinery and construction sites. Modular mobile ofice buildings have been an ideal solution for workplaces in these industries. Mobile offices can also be used for administrative staff in these camps. Areas of use are not only in these industries. If you work in a remote area and need an office here, mobile office trailers are the right solution for you. You can design the interior as you wish and choose a design that suits your needs. Portable offices can be moved to the location you want when you are done. In this way, you will be saved from the cost of renting one more office.

Mobile Office and Construction Field Offices

Portable jobsite trailers have all the features that a standard office should have. It is portable and easy to install. However, do not be fooled by these features, thanks to its durable material, portable mobile offices offer a long-lasting usage experience. It is resistant to harsh weather conditions and allows your staff to do their job safely inside. We produce the mobile office that suits your needs for you. You can work with us in all processes from design to assembly. Karmod offers the widest selection of mobile offices and portable jobsite trailers and modular space solutions to help keep up with all your business needs.

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