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Compare our Mobile Storage Container Units and save big on local portable storage and moving. Mobile Temporary storage container units are convenient and efficient, Karmod products are leaders in storage container solutions and all modular buildings solutions since 1986. Karmod produces mobile storage container offices / classrooms storage trailer,mobile container storage, fast, convenient, secure, record storage container units, Mobile container offices. You can find a wide selection of cargo storage containers, Modular container complex trailers and portable offices for sale from Karmod products.

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Together with the clasrooms storage conatiner trailer  and mobile offices are ideal for different purposes in many different ways. While universities, high schools, primary schools and secondary schools use Mobile storage containers as educational buildings, these structures can also be used as offices, ticket booths, kiosks, Mobile container offices and administrative offices. All Karmod mobile storage containers and mobile office container products are built with the latest technology production systems and to meet the needs in the most appropriate way.

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As Karmod, we produce special structures for all areas of life in the shortest time possible, in the size and quantity you want, with our buildings. The perspective of containers, which are seen as simple and limited to use, is changing with Karmod Mobile storage containers. Very useful containers can be designed and produced in different sizes. Different room options are available. They can be air-conditioned, heated. Separate WC and shower containers can be produced, as well as Mobile storage containers  and mobile office conatiner including toilet and shower.

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Karmod mobile storage container will change your thoughts about storage units. Most people think of mobile storage container units as too expensive and tight spaces. Karmod products, on the other hand, draw the opposite picture with its products. With these products, you can install spacious, large and economical mobile storage units wherever you want. Offering a great alternative to the time-consuming, inefficient and expensive nature of the traditional storage system, buildings are a great option for small and large businesses, homeowners, construction companies and even schools.

Storage containers are very important structures in terms of the safety of the transported products. With Karmod Mobile storage containers, you carry your products in high-level security buildings. Thanks to their resistance to abrasion and impacts, they provide great ease of use. It is also suitable for all season weather conditions.

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Mobile Storage Units are needed in many areas. In schools, house/complex entrances, construction sites, construction projects, city centers… Along with the areas where they are permanently needed, the number of areas that require these units temporarily increase. The best structure type for temporary solutions is mobile conatiner offices. You can easily position it wherever you want and easily change their location. They can be produced as demounted, assembled at the installation sites and delivered ready to use, as well as fully assembled deliveries ready to use. With Modular container offices, you have useful areas. As it provides you convenience with its economical prices, it also provides a comfortable working area for the personnel working in it with the ergonomic space it offers. At the same time, storage containers produced in the desired size thanks to advanced technology systems, are an ideal choice for permanent or long-term use.

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As a company with 36 years of industry experience, we see your needs and projects as our own. We believe that we can offer you the best solutions thanks to working with dozens of different companies serving in dozens of different fields. We provide services for all areas of life from mobile storage containers to labor camp structures, from homes to Modular container offices. We fulfil your needs with our wide range of products. Choose 36 years of Karmod experience for your projects and all kinds of building needs, and don’t have to think about anything other than your job.

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