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Mobile Storage Containers

Established in 1986, Karmod Mobile Storage contaniner is the industry leader in mobile storage containers, portable offices, and custom storage solutions. Mobile storage Steel containers Available Steel Storage Containers. Our mobile storage containers meet a variety of temporary space needs, Hot dipped galvanizing prevents rust and provides the most durable steel finish available. That is why our Mobile storage containers are all-steel and weatherproof – ensuring your stuff is as safe and secure as possible. Cost-Effective Solutions. Fast & Friendly Service.

Different Mobile Storage Container Solutions for Each Sector

Portable container solutions, which are used in every field from healthcare to construction, from public to service sector, come in dozens of different sizes and designs. For this reason, their usage range is very wide. While they are used as construction site containers for the shelter, different needs of technical personnel and workers in construction, they can use from field hospitals to emergency life Mobile storage containers in health. However, there are dozens of container types designed and produced for use in social facilities, sales points, as a buffet, as a warehouse, in special fairs and different organizations. We are proud to offer the best mobile storage containers in terms of pricing, quality, design and service. Our customers chose us and promoted us to all people they know because they experienced our products.

Mobile Storage Steel containers

Different Mobile storage containers sizes can be preferred and requested according to the area to be used. Standard container sizes are 300cm x 700cm and 240cm x 600cm. As Karmod, we also design and manufacture container types in different plans up to 12 meters. Some of the most preferred and used container types are as follows:

  • Mobile storage containers
  • Office storage containers
  • Container Houses
  • Construction Site Container
  • Metropolis Container
  • Wc-Shower Container

Construction Site and Mobile Office Storage Container

Construction site and office mobile storage containers are one of the most preferred types of containers in construction and infrastructure projects. One of the biggest problems in construction and infrastructure projects that will take a long time is the housing need of the personnel. Construction site and office mobile storage containers provide a great advantage in this regard with their features. They are produced in a very short time in a factory environment, as in reinforced concrete structures, construction time is not expected for months. Within weeks, it is possible to produce structures that can accommodate thousands of people at the same time for the world’s leading construction companies. Tens of different container types are produced using different container sizes according to the requested area. In addition to providing safe use, long-term durability with the materials used in their structure, they also have very economical prices.

Metropolis Mobile site Storage Containers

As Karmod, we have been trying to produce the most suitable solutions for every sector with the latest technology production systems we use and our expert teams for more than 35 years. We are proud to bring our quality to more than 90 countries from all over the world. One of the Mobile storage containers solutions we offer you and manufacture specifically for the needs and demands of each customer is the metropolis container. One of the products of our R&D studies, metropolis containers can be coated with any kind of coating, they have a metal frame structure. Apart from standard container sizes, they can also be produced using different container sizes.

Why Karmod Portable Modular Storage Container?

Karmod Mobile storage containers  solutiouns is the best for your every project and need. Some of its advantages are as follows:

  • There is a special sealed clamp system for roof panels.
  • Electrostatic powder paint technology is used in the inner and outer surface of the roof.
  • Stainless galvanized sheet is used in its body.
  • Automotive technology is used in the paint.
  • High strength and durable door system with sheet – polyurethane – sheet metal
  • Resistance suitable for 1st degree earthquake zone
  • Compliance with the climatic conditions of the shipped region, 4 seasons safe use
  • Use of specially shaped EPS filled sandwich panels

You can contact us to get more information and prices about Karmod Mobile storage containerssolutions which are preferred by thousands of people from all over the world.

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