Modular Ticket Booths – Temporary Ticket Booth

Mobile Ticket Booths

Mobile ticket booths are structures with small areas used to be admitted to an event, intercity entrances, to buy bus tickets or to buy tickets for different purposes.Mobile ticket booths construction is often built from prefabricated, container structures. Different materials can be used in the construction of the Mobile ticket booths according to temporary and permanent solutions. GRP is one of them. Glass fiber reinforced plastic, a composite material, is very advantageous in the use of such structures.

The structures built for Mobile ticket booths by Karmod, which has delivered its buildings to more than 130 countries around the world, are among the best in the sector in terms of economy, quality and aesthetics.

Mobile Ticket Booths & Office Solutions for Festivals

Every sector’s needs are different. Working areas greatly affect the quality of work. And business areas that cause bad working conditions can cause financial losses. For this reason, it should be paid attention to be durable and usable in all conditions and in all seasons while building business areas. Along with these, of course, there is always a certain budget and elections must be made within that budget. Buildings that respond positively to Mobile ticket booths quality and budget are modular structures. Buildings with very low production and construction costs compared to traditional methods can be delivered to the user at much lower prices than normal.

As Karmod Mobile ticket booths, we have special designs for every sector. When our customer applies and tells us his request, we first analyze their needs in the most accurate way. Then, with our expert teams, we carry out controlled production at every stage from production to delivery, starting with the design of our internationally preferred structures, which will be advantageous in many ways compared to their competitors. Special design for your every need is possible in Karmod!

Mobile Ticket Booths Are A Fast and Affordable Solution

If you want to reduce waiting times, improve working conditions and increase work quality, this Mobile ticket booths are for you. Our portable structures respond to your urgent needs in the shortest time and offer permanent solution quality even in your requests for temporary solutions. They are ideal products for a working environment where your staff can work in all weather conditions at the entrance of an event. All our Mobile ticket booths are produced ready to use. If you wish, we can optionally place your brand sign in any part of the building. We use approved materials in each of our structures. We produce quality and economical structures for your health and budget.

In addition to using approved materials, our products are earthquake and fire resistant. We use non-combustible materials with low risk of burning in our buildings. You can get the return of your investments in a very short time with short production, economical price, safe structures.

Mobile Ticket Booths Are Suitable For Any Use

Mobile ticket booths can be produced in the desired size and with different structural features according to the place to be delivered. Thanks to its customization, its usage areas are also quite wide. They can be used in many areas such as car parks, event entrances, expos, intercity entrances, checkpoints, terminals. It is very easy to clean as the inner and outer surfaces are wipeable and washable. Thanks to our wide range of products, you can choose a mobile ticket booth in the form of polyester, sandwich panels or precast cabinets. Ticket booths in any size and quantity you want can be sent anywhere in the world in a very short time. They are also very easy to install. You can easily change the place when you want to move, they are lightweight structures that are easy to carry. Visit our website for Mobile ticket booths for salekiosks and portable ticket booth with dozens of different designs.

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