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Modular Cabin

The flexible interior of our modular cabin can be customised to suit your specific needs and multiple units can be stacked or linked together. Modular cabin can provide an effective use of space in a limited area, enabling clients to capitalize on space and capacity of an existing working environment. Prefab modular cabin are delivered and installed faster than permanent structures, and can be used immediately. Faster Assembly & Eco-Friendly. A big advantage associated with the purchase of a modular cabin is that it takes much less time to install than building a traditional brick structure.

Modern Modular Cabin That Look Stunning – 2022 Edition

Due to the partial and modular features in its design and assembly, the products, which are named modular cabin, have been in demand in recent years. Modular cabin products, which are aesthetic, stylish and durable city furniture, are made of polyurethane rigid foam and glass fiber reinforced frp as the main material. Although they are used primarily for the office and accommodation needs of security personnel and workplace guards, they are also used for different purposes such as kiosk cabin, counter cabin, visitor waiting room. As Karmod, we have many different modular cabin. Panel cabin, fiberglass modular cabin, large cabin, metropolitan cabin, mobile wc shower cabin, precast cabin, armored modular security cabin… Karmod modular cabin products, which have high strength, maximum heat and sound insulation with GRP technology, are also unique with their economical prices.

Best Modular Cabin You Can Buy of 2022

Our Modular cabin have multi purpose utility areas like guard cabin, security cabin, little shop cabin, changing cabin, Mobile Toilet and  mobile wc cabin and Mobile shower cabin modular cabin and portable cabin and our cabin are available in a variety of sizes, plans and colors to suit all your expectations and needs. They have been delivered to more than 130 countries around the world. It is easy to install and helps saving cost as many units can be shipped in the same shipping container. The standard color of the panels is white, but different colors can be applied if you wish. You can contact us for detailed information about fberglass modular cabin prices, which vary according to size and different options.

Modular Cabin: Everything You Need to Know to Buy Your Own

The precast cabin, one of the modular cabin products, is produced in accordance with modern city designs, with the latest technology systems and the highest quality. It is produced from a more durable material than fiberglass material. Precast concrete is a special type of concrete that has much higher performance values ​​than normal concrete. Precast concrete compound includes white cement, silica sand, polymer, chemical additives, water and glass fiber . Modular Glass fibers cabin in it provide flexibility and durability to precast concrete. It offers a decent working environment with its aesthetic design. It has high insulation from wall to roof, window to door.

Modular Prefab cabin vs. Custom Modular Cabin

A new area where modular cabin systems have been used in recent years is mobile – Modular WC shower cabin. They are very useful and useful products in large social facilities such as open field works, construction sites, beach parks and gardens. Modular wc and shower cabin can serve for a long time in more than one place due to their durability and portability. Mobile toilets, which are produced in the factory system with production technology at high quality standards, are made ready for shipment in a short time after the order. Among these units, Turkey style ground stone model, European toilet bowl model, shower cabin model and disabled Toilet WC model equipped with international standards are produced with flexible optional preferences.

Quality Made From Premium – Get The Modular Cabin For Right Price

Karmod large modular cabin are practical, safe, robust and economical structures that can be designed and produced from 270×390 cm to 390×1230 cm with the flat pack panel system. Thanks to the Karmod modular cabin panel system, it can be installed at the factory or optionally at the installation site. Since it is produced with a panel system, practical indoor spaces of up to 50 m2 can be created by adding them together with its demountable structure. Our large cabin can be used to meet the indoor needs of many different areas such as poratble security cabin, visitor waiting modular cabin, market cabin, shop cabin, fair cabin, mukhtar cabin, police station security cabin, dining hall cabin, sales office cabin. In addition to providing high quality and safe areas, it is the most economical solution.

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