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Modular Cabins 

Build the prefab & FRP modular cabins of your dreams with Karmod modular cabins! We offer prefab cabins built with craftsmanship. The Settler modular cabins prices for log homes for sale. These modular prefab cabins offer the most available living space at the lowest possible cost. Karmod modular cabin technology products are preferred by thousands of people from tens of countries thanks to the their quality and reasonable prices. Modular cabins are among the most preferred products. The cabinsproduced in demounted structure offer the highest quality and the most accurate solution. They are economical and useful. It has a wide range of uses such as guard box, portable security cabin, bulletproof cabin, armored guard box, mobile toilet and shower, information cabin, disabled wc, metropolitan cabin. Thanks to their modular structure, they are produced in a very short time and their shipments are completed in a short time. Thanks to the insulated styrofoam used between the walls, heat and sound insulation is at the maximum level in our modular cabins. They are very safe with their metal use and thick wall structure. Steel door can be used depending on customer request.

Modular Cabins – Factory Direct – Pre Built Cabin

The portable guard cabin has an ergonomic design that is produced in international quality standards and is comfortable to use. It can be installed and assembled anywhere in the world. Designs can be made in different sizes and sizes depending on the area to be evaluated and the number of employees.

Modular FRP Cabin Manufacturer

Information Modular cabins are practical living spaces used to inform and guide those who come to a venue. Considering that this space is in mind and appeals to every user, the importance of its design comes to the fore. Karmod Modular cabins offer you different decoration possibilities. They adapt to the aesthetic texture of the environment with their aesthetic designs.

Portable Toilet and Shower Cabins

Portable toilet and shower cabinsare practical and useful structures that can be used in Toilet and shower solutions in different areas from worker camps to educational buildings and picnic areas. Our frp portable toilet shower products have standard productions in multiple units starting from a single unit and can be specially planned according to customer demands. In the units, closet, ground stone, pissoir, male female, disabled WC can be used according to customer preferences. All of our products are ready to use and are shipped together with the units so that the electricity and water installations are connected to the main networks.

Disabled Toilet Cabins

Among our other preferred modular cabins, there is a disabled WC cabin. Disabled WC cabin options, which have moisture isolation feature and do not encounter problems such as rotting, can be used wherever a mobile toilet is required.

Metropol Modular Cabins

Metropol modular cabin types, which have become a part of daily life, offer you a long-lasting use with their aesthetically pleasing visuals and high insulation. These modular cabins, which provide a useful living space with their ergonomic structure, can be used for different purposes such as management office, sales office or security.

Portable Security Cabins

Choose Karmod modular cabins, which are preferred all over the world, in portable security cabins that can be used in home sites, construction projects, fairs and organizations or wherever security is required, and have security cabinsthat you can use for many years. Our security cabin models offer comfortable and convenient use to the user thanks to the quality materials used in the production stages. They can be in the desired size.

Armored Cabin

Ensure your life safety with Karmod Armored Cabins, a world brand produced with a high security system. Our armored modular cabins, which are specially designed for situations requiring high level security measures such as war and terror, can be used for purposes such as defense, counter attack, observation and reconnaissance and they have the B7 armor standard. Our special products, besides offering the best solution for high security, also have comfortable spaces. It offers a comfortable environment where the security personnel who will work in the cabin will feel safe 7 days 24 hours.

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