Modular Dining Facilities & Prefab kitchenette to a complete restaurants

Modular Canteens

With flexible space from Karmod you can create light and airy Modular canteens and catering and dining areas of any size – from kitchenettes to complete restaurants. Prefab dining halls offer the most practical and secure solution especially for construction site, factories, military facilities and social facilities. Modular canteens and Kitchen, pantry, dining area, and recreation venues can be quickly produced based on customer requirements.

Modular Canteens and Container Restaurant coffee shop

Fully equipped Modular canteens and catering facilities can be delivered by the experts at Karmod. The team can create bright, hygienic, state-of-the-art catering environments to meet your every need. Whether you want a simple breakout area or an expansive dining hall, the vast column-free spaces offered by Karmod modular canteens buildings give you the flexibility to create spacious dining halls of any size.

They can be stand-alone buildings or incorporated into another building as an extension and will be fully plumbed and fitted with high-quality kitchen equipment.

Modular Canteen solutions to suit all budgets and timeframes
It’s easy to get the buildings you need, when you choose Karmod. Whether you want the total financial flexibility of hiring, the permanence of buying newly manufactured or you want the added sustainability of a pre-owned refurbished Karmod building, there’s an option to suit you.

From a simple Modular kitchenette to a complete restaurant

Modular Canteens by Karmod are supplied with the majority of services pre-installed meaning the final installation and fit out programme can be massively reduced.

Karmod met all our requirements for build quality, design, flexibility, stringent health and safety standards, and speed of delivery. We wanted an interim building that would maintain the high standard of office accommodation and welfare facilities that we already have on this site.

Karmod technical office will help you reach the most convenient design according to the intended use of the building and the number of people it will serve.

Once customer decides on the design, production will start directly and in few days the building will be installed in the desired location as ready to use.

your staff will certainly feel comfortable with our prefabricated dining halls which will reflect on their productivity.

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