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Modular Commercial Buildings

Karmod is an industry leader in the construction of modular commercial buildings. We offer 10-25% lower construction cost than traditional construction. Find Affordable Modular Commercial Building Space Karmod manufactured modular buildings will help your business stay agile in a competitive market. Our high quality, affordable prefabricated commercial buildings, offer space and flexibility that traditional building construction options cannot provide. Modern permanent or temporary modular office buildings are attractive, relocatable, extendable and customizable. By being built off-site while your construction site is being prepped, a modular commercial building can be occupied 30-50% sooner. prefab modular office buildings with quick turnaround times for construction, government, industry and education sectors.

Retail and Commercial Modular Buildings

Modular commercial buildings are the best options for temporary and permanent solutions in many areas needed in business areas. Our commercial steel modular building products offer you the most economical and useful structures as camps required for accommodation for a certain period of time, as mobile hospitals in areas requiring healthcare services for a certain period of time, and in temporary or permanent mass housing projects.

Karmod prefabricated commercial construction products have a steel structure. Products produced with the weldless bolted system are built of steel frames that are cold formed. Every stage of their production is controlled by expert engineers, and any problems are immediately intervened. The products, which are produced in disassembled form, are transported to all parts of the world with our system that has international standards and the installation is done on site by us. You can contact us for all your global medical and modular commercial buildings projects.

Modular Offices and Prefab Commercial Buildings

Modular commercial buildings have galvanizing steel construction and thus can be used for four seasons, earthquake resistant. As Karmod, we use fireproof materials in all of our buildings. Our buildings are resistant to fire, earthquake and all-season conditions. As Karmod, we have the best solution for you, from medical to construction, with our 36 years of industry experience and expert teams. With the high level static calculations performed under the control of engineers, the structural safety of Karmod construction site buildings is at a high level. In each unit from the dormitory to the dining hall, the project is designed with expertise, taking into account the international labor camp standards. At the same time, as Karmod, we also provide production support for projects whose design are ready.

Prefab Modular Commercial Buildings: The most efficient way to build

We take place all over the world with our prefab commercial buildings in the health sector. We carry out the production of prefabricated field hospital buildings in international standards and we produce comfortable, convenient and high heat and sound insulation structures that you can use safely. Among the prefabricated hospital projects we have produced, there are structures such as Prefabricated Field Hospital Buildings, Family Health Centers, 112 Emergency Service Stations and construction site campus health service buildings, as well as patient rehabilitation center buildings.

Modern Prefab Steel Commercial Building

When you choose Karmod modular commercial buildings, the damage you cause to the environment is minimized. Prefabricated commercial buildings are much more environmentally friendly than reinforced concrete structures. Karmod can deliver environmentally-friendly prefab commercial buildings that meet the highest green standards  Also, the waste of raw materials is at the lowest rate thanks to their production in the factory environment. In this way, products produced at lower costs reach much more affordable prices to our valued customers.

Modular Commercial Buildings and Custom Prefab Offices

There is reduced energy consumption compared to on-site construction. Thanks to commercial prefab buildings, minimal site disruption and pollution is provided. With their demountable structure they can be easily moved. Reduce disruption in your business with offsite manufacturing and quick onsite assembly. When you want to grow your business, you have to deal with the mess and time loss caused by reinforced concrete structures. Thanks to its modular component nature, prefabricated buildings can be easily configured and reconfigured to meet you changing needs.  And we work meticulously on the design and plan of each building separately. In this way, we minimize the need to make changes.

You can take a detailed look at our projects we have realized in dozens of corners of the world on our website. For detailed information, you can contact us at Karmod phone numbers and e-mail address.

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